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    Default Help working out which way this is going?

    Hey Guys,

    Just come out a 3 year LTR and started getting back in the game, live in Glasgow, Scotland.

    Met a HB8 a few weeks ago, nothing happened. Met the week after (randomly) and she got my number, started texting. Walked her home, kiss on the cheek and said bye (super AFC, didn't expect to meet anyone wasn't really interested in sarging it up that night). Anyways, 5 mins later get a text along the lines of "be more confident :P".

    She initiates texting the next day, go back and fro with all the normal garbage about work etc, try to get things flirty - she stays serious and ignores.

    Realised this is either A) not going anywhere or B) could go somewhere if I man up so asked her out for a drink and get this back (24 hrs later):

    Sorry had a busy day! yeah a drink would be nice, but if we keep it casual. If you wanted more that is It's just I've got lots on with my new job, how was work?
    To be honest, I'm pretty busy moving houses and have a shit load of work on + am feeling shitty for breaking up with my GF (my decision ) - so am not really interested if the attraction isn't there. Is this text either saying yeah, lets go for a drink but keep this relationship casual (fwb) or B) I'm really just being polite, not attracted but happy to go for a drink and stick you in the friendzone

    Advice appreciated and good to be back on it


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    Default Re: Help working out which way this is going?

    You have to be more creative in your game / approach & with flirting.

    Tease/banter with her. Razz her a bit.
    When she tries to change the subject back to "Fluff-talk" call her out playfully.
    "Wait a minute little missy... You're not getting off THAT easily. I sense a little bit of 'sassy brat' attitude here. Keep it up & you may have to get a spanking. "

    Or something along those lines.

    Be bold & express confidence. Lead the interaction, rather than following HERS.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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