PUA TO AFC – Serious help.. Mindfucked to max

OK so I been chatting to this girl for a while.. we f closed first night.. but don’t think it was intended.. she came across as a good girl but I called her a good girl in bed and teasesd and she changed her mind..

4 weeks later we have been texting, chattin on phone, hangin out, French kissin but no sex !

I tried last weekend, got soooo close.. she stopped me ˝ way thru said I was being too full on, seemed like I just came over for sex (which I did !). I was rubbing her god damn pussy and god damn.. she said
I don’t think we should be havin sex, we are datin, we should wait right.. (BULLSHIT! WE HAVE ALREADY HAD SEX). I need to reframe her to chasin me and not me chasin her for sex…

We are dating for sure.. I think .. we must be we have been on 3-4 dates.. (she made her last bf wait 3 months apparently!)
Her textin is mixed sometimes long and sometimes short..

Here is a recent convo.. ( from short to long fuse):
(Shes on a night out with work and im at home from work. She had bad time night before with guys trying to force alchol down her throat, we chatted bla)

Her: at kmpg party , they played thong song, talk diry, big butts, nigga in paris (monkeyface) and all the ceo are here
Me: Ha sounds like your in aquum (a club we both know) The dj def has an ass fetish
Her LOOOOL I know
Her: send s pic of co workers
Me :boysss .. is that david and Kwame? Not a real jam till they play IGNITION
Her: oh already done. That was the first song babe.
Me see old ppl kno how to have fun too (wink).
Her: two videos of her ceo and workers doing karoke( rapping)
Me: lol is that Eminem, get in there! The mic is callin, damn I t is callin me right now.
Her: that guy is a partner
Me: ha your company is either hood or secretly from brixtion
Her: Good ( what a pathetic reply). Sends 2 pics of her night out
Me: work friends, your no more the wallflower. (send a peez pic- said remember these bad boys)
Her: lol waiting (this is like 5 hrs later at 5 in morning..( don’t really kno what she meant)
Me: day 4, how ya feelin

Her: soo not good.. soo hungover I cant even tell u
Me: (send this pic of minion chair that hugs you) This is what u need..

She has seen this message and still not replied.. no biggie.. but u can see the messages are not fun or bouncy …

I have 3 issues 
The sex thing
Texting game back to fun.. its alright i get lols but banter seem gone
Do she like me still ?