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    Exclamation Need Help With Cute Girl On My Co-ed Soccer Team

    Hey fellow Experts,

    Iím in the middle of trying to eventually ask this girl out but here's the story. If you guys donít mind giving me some advice that would be much appreciated.

    Background: I was at the college soccer tryouts yesterday when this Canadian born girl who is of Indian ethnicity caught my eye. We started talking because every one introduced themselves and we found out that weíre in the same program, except sheís in year 2 and Iím in year 4. She asked me about my internship and I told her I actually worked in India for 3 months and came back not long ago. Turns out her parents have a house in India also even though they live in Canada. Anyway, in the middle of the tryouts, I used the approach of finding an excuse to get her number, and I proceeded to ask her if sheís got time to join my co-ed league team because we needed a female soccer player. She said sheíll let me know and I said ok. I thought I farked up because I didn't get to get her number before we had to sub into the scrimmage game. She then had to leave the tryouts early but before she did she came up to me and asked me for my number and said to text her. And so hereís how it started:

    (If I skip a line then type another text that means she sent two or more in a row in iMessage)

    This text conversation started at 4:17pm yesterday

    Her: Texted me her name and she has a very common last name (Singh).

    Me: LOL I kinda guessed your last name. It was a pleasure meeting you though !

    Her: Lmfao yea itís a very common last name, it was nice meeting you also!

    See you on Thursday ?

    Me: Haha yea Iíll be there ! When I was in India my colleagueís last names were either Singh, Kaur, Sharma, Gupta, or Shukla.

    Her: Ahah yeah those are super common, Singh is more of a religious last name, my actual last name is Dhanda.

    Me: Oh I see. Sorry I hope that didnít offend you. So do your parents live in Canada too ?

    Her: Omg no Iím not offended! Yeah my parents moved here like 25 years ago.

    Me: Cool I was born in Canada but I lived in Hong Kong for 14 years and moved back here 9 years ago.

    Her: Ahh neat!! Must have been nice

    Iíve heard a lot of good things about Hong Kong

    Me: Itís a really busy but an interesting city. Ocean park and the peak are two amazing places there.

    Her: I want to explore Asia and def wanna check out Hong Kong

    Me: My goal is to go to the bora bora islands and a major EDM festival like ultra or tomorrowland. Hong Kong is definitely my first stop after I graduate though.

    Her: Ahhh sick youíre into the rave scene too?

    Lol wow you have the same taste

    I wanna go to ultra or tomorrowland one or the other and defffff wanna check out bora bora

    I went to veld this year and it was pretty dope!

    Me: WowÖ Youíre so farking cool ! (thumbs up emoji) You should have seen the huge grin on my face. I was literally standing in the kitchen like this

    I struggle between selecting my music app and podcast app on my iPhone every day.

    Her: LOL!

    Aha sounds like a struggle, I had to delete my app because my phone is shit and I wanted to upload music but didnít have enough memory

    Ahh well

    Anyways Iíll talk to you later, gotta get my beauty rest for work tomorrow

    Night (with some star emoji)

    Me: Haha alright I'll tell you tomorrow then. Good night !

    Situation: So this text conversation ended at 11:25pm last night and she hasnít sent me a single text today and itís been like almost 11 hours. I see her again tomorrow during soccer tryouts though so what should I do ? Should I just forget the texting game and ask her out directly ?

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    Default Re: Need Help With Cute Girl On My Co-ed Soccer Team

    Drop the Fluff talk about school & stuff & start flirting.

    She's definitely showing interest in Ber lengthy replies, so inject some FUN into your interactions.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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