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Thread: Flakes, rejections, feeling down - inspirational needed!

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    Default Flakes, rejections, feeling down - inspirational needed!

    Hey guys, so this is the forum where I started this whole PUA stuff, this is where I have been coming for asking and giving advices, etc.

    But right now, I just feel down.

    I know, and I always knew, from the first step I made in this journey, that developing myself is not very easy. I knew it hard and it just gets harder and harder before gets easier. I've already told in some threads that I was incredibly lucky, because back in the days when I just started this whole PUA stuffs, I almost instatly got success - f-closed the first girl I tried on MM, got #-closes, got dates etc. I just started getting better and better at daygames - and than, I left my country for the summer. I was working in the USA, got together with a girl.

    But that ended with the summer, I came back, and I started to pick up pieces I left when I left the country. aa comes again, and I still fight with it, but probably not as much as in the very beginning. I went on a daygame, I #-closed, I also #-closed on Tinder many times.

    But somehow, I just wasn't able to set up a date. No matter how much comfort and attraction I built, they flaked, or didn't respond or rejected. I was gaming 3 chicks last week, planning to go on dates with all of them - but I wasn't able to meet any of them. And after flakes and rejections, I became more and more frustrated, my mood gone worse and worse. And with that AA got harder and harder, which made me sadder and more frustrated. The Evil's circle.

    And I know - don't be a pussy! Go out and approach! I know because that's how I started, that's the way I have already been - but the fact, that I believed I passed this phase, is just farking annoying.

    I just got flaked by a Tinder-chick who I have been talking, sexting etc. for like 2-3 weeks - and to be honest, I just lost all my patience, all my mood, and as I feel, all my power. Have been there, when you feel like giving up and leave the whole shit? That's where I am right know.

    So, I don't even know what I am expecting. Because I know what should I do, but I just lost my spirit. Have you been there, guys? Have you felt this way? You cheered me up so many times before, gave me power, lift me up so many times. Please, if you have been in the same shoe, or have an inspirational story about it, feel free to share. Thanks,

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    Default Re: Flakes, rejections, feeling down - inspirational needed!

    Dry spells are part of the learning process.
    But there's obviously something you're doing wrong at the moment.

    Take a step back & look at the process you've been going through to identify your mistake(s).

    It could be body language, or not expressing confidence...
    Maybe you're coming off to eager, or not expressing enough interest.

    You might be rushing rapport & skipping attraction, or possibly forgetting to move to seduction...

    It's hard to tell without actually being there, but I CAN say this. The techniques available DO WORK.

    Just remember, you'll never be 100% successful because, there will always be women we just don't get or don't click with, for whatever reason.

    But the more "misses" you have, the closer you are to getting the "hits" again.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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