This post is for all guys hoping to have success on Tinder: the handsome fellas, the average dudes, and my ugly ducklings.

When you select photos for your profile, you need to look like the BEST possible version of yourself!

For this, we should really learn from girls. Most ladies have engineered their Tinder and Facebook profiles to look 5 sizes slimmer, with perfect complexion, massive tits... It takes a trained eye to guess what they really look like, and you know what? Most girls you will meet off Tinder will be at least slightly less attractive than what you had imagined.

Almost NO guys know how to do this. Most will look like a lame version of themselves. We have some catching up to do! Learn to use Instagram to bring out your best features and smooth out the rest. Angle the photos to hide bald spots and that extra chub. In fact, there are ways you can stand to look jacked without having hit the gym a single day. Also, wear the clothes that will compliment your body best (think girls and their push-up bras!)

You might wonder: well what about when the girl meets me in person?? Youtube “fat guy tinder experiment” . This guy literally pretends to be 200 pounds heavier in person than on his Tinder profile. And amazingly, no girls are upset, some even start to show him IOIs. This is an extreme example to show that once you have her in person, anything can happen.

So amplify your looks and get more dates!

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Happy Tindering!