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I have written about this before. When a girl cancels or flakes out on a date this is what ANY GUY should do NEXT TIME.

If she cancels or says she can't meet you that day, then you just go to that restaurant/bar anyway with a buddy or alone if necessary.

Get someone to snap a pic with you and a waitress ( or another girl or group of girls). Then text her the pic saying how much of a great time you are having. Something like, "Hey, dork butt you are missing out on a CRAZY time here." Then don't send or respond to any of her messages for the rest of the night if she responds because you are TOO BUSY HAVING FUN.

She will see you as a fun guy, the pic(s) shows social proof and it shows her that if she wants to have a fun time then she needs to be hanging out with you. It also shows her that you do what you want to do and when you want to. You don't need her for a good time because there will be other girls around you anyway. She will see you as an Alpha male.

I have used this pic/text method on flakes and these girls will want to re-schedule a date with you a few days after that text.

Once they do want to re-scedule, you make her work a little for the date by saying you're busy or say "I don't know you have to bribe me." Say it in a sarcastic, cocky, funny, playful tone on the phone or with a winky face if you're doing it through texting.

In your situation freeze her out for a few days and don't go AFC. Make her work for the next date.
Everything you wrote is true.
However, not mentioning how much effort you're making, it's such a validation seeking behavior that I can't help but laugh about. Going out of our way just to impress a girl and showing the mistake she has made when she decided not to hang out with us.
This is the opposite of dhv and not being attached to the outcome. In other words, this is the exact opposite of what this community tries to teach.

But feel free to do whatever works best for you. Remember, though, that what matters the most isn't doing a million things to get one girl but rather doing a single thing to get whoever you want.