Critique my text game! Texting has not been in my artillery of mass seduction weapons for while now, just because I've been spending alot of time day gaming girls on campus. I also happen to be talking to 3 girls right now, whom I see on a fairly daily basis.

I haven't used Tinder in a very long time. My buddy asked to use my phone during class on Tuesday and when he finished, he started using my apps. He went on my Tinder and matched me with 3 girls. I sent one of them a message because I didn't find the other two very attractive. Here's the interaction:


MY PROFILE (19) *I'm actually only 18
One time I wrestled a giraffe to the ground with my bare hands
while riding a snowboard and wearing football equipment

1. Myself in the centre of 7 female schoolmates at a party
2. My football team in a huddle
3. Me + My (female) bestfriend
4. Me Wakeboarding at my cottage
5. Me Snowboarding in Colorado

Smoking darts and breaking hearts <peace sign emoji> Cheap wine
and cigarettes <wine emoji> (School she attends)

1-3. Selfies
4+5. Her and friends


Day 1

7:28pm Me: Tell me you smoke just as much weed as you do darts and maybe we can be friends
7:58pm Her: Yes I do
7:58pm Her: I'm actually high right now
8:10pm Me: Ditto
8:10pm Her: Twins
8:11pm Me: Now my next question is... Favourite type of pizza?
8:11pm Her: I like anything on my pizza
8:11pm Her: I don't know if that's the right answer, I'm really not picky
8:12pm Me: Twins
8:12pm Her: Yay
8:12pm Me: I'm picky when it comes to girls
8:13pm Her: Oh damn
8:16pm Her: Any more questions or are we friends now?
8:18pm Me: Yeah one more question
8:18pm Her: Shoot
8:18pm Me: 2x^2 + 5x - 12, solve for x where x = your #
8:19pm Her: Smooth
8:19pm Her: ******3324


Day 2

So I texted her while sitting in class today... All went pretty well, but I don't think she's worth the 50 minute drive. Today's Interaction:

11:15am Me: Georgia like the city?
11:17am Her: Who is this?
11:19am Me: Save this number because it's the most important one you'll
ever get - T
11:20am Her: T****** (grin-blush emoji)
1:15pm Me: Correct, 1 point for G! would I be correct in saying that you were not
infact born in Georgia?
2:20pm Her: No I was not
8:25pm Me: Twins, 1 point for T!
8:25pm Me: Do anything fun and interesting today?
8:28pm Her: I went out to dinner and got supa high and now i'm going to
pub night w/ da boyzzz
8:30pm Me: Beer and bongs? Say no more, or you might just become my new
favorite person
8:30pm Me: What's your snapchat?
8:31pm Her: g*********

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

That was yesterday and I still haven't added her on Snapchat. I don't even really want to talk to her anymore, considering I only tried to pull her number for the sake of re-assessing my text game and making my friend who 'liked' her worship me. Maybe I'll set the two of them up on a date, who knows lol