Went to a party Saturday. Had a great time, found out I am actually a pretty confident person especially at nightgame, I blame the music

Got a girl's number. The convo wasn't amazing... just where you live what you do, but I gave a nice firm "Hi I'm ____", great body language and even saw her friends like 'OOooo " nearby.. got her to give me her number and did the Kino a little even.

Few days later on Tuesday night I shoot her a text, something like: Hey! Didn't forget about me already? That super cool dude ya met with the (I had a type of Peacock going on) . It's funny, playful, yadayada. Though it's a day later, no response. Also I don't think she knows it's my number other than the peacock item mention


What I fear happened was I waited too long. I don't do the 3 day crap, I only waited because I was just so dam exhausted and slept like a rock, didn't get home till 12 Noon that Sunday. Either that or the convo I had didn't spark enough interest. That's probably the case right lol

This really sucks if it's the Initial Texts that suck, I'm great at chatting/texting, even went on Omegle last night to test my skills out. Ended up in 10 minute long convos with a handful of people, even got a girl's contacts. This is a pure 'chat with strangers' website btw