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    Default Need help on how to proceed

    (Long story alert) So I was talking with this girl that I met. The following conversation was over the course of yesterday. I feel like I'm in the comfort building stage, and I getting good vibes back, but it also feels like I'm trying too hard to make a meet up happen. So far there has been no further contact today, as I'm not sure how to interpret what is happening. I'm getting back into the swing of things, and learning as I go.

    Me: Hey Dorkbutt, I saw a funny thing happen today. This kid pulled his pants down and mooned a mall cop. He must've been 8 or 9. Reminded me of a red-headed stepchild in need of a good spanking...

    Her: Problem child! Lol. Which mall?

    Me: X mall. You should've seen the look on the mom's face...

    Her: Lmao, what did the maal security do?

    Me: Nothing really. They were still bewildered by what just happended. You could hear yelling and crying echoing from the bathroom though. You ever have an experience like that?

    Her: They're long stories haha

    Me: Long stories, huh? Sounds like you're gonna try to put me to sleep like a grandma telling stories. Well it won't work on me, missy!

    Her: Lol! You are strange. How's shopping?

    Me: It's done, thank God. Black Friday is a killer. Did you go shopping today?

    Her: Working 12 he shift today

    Me: Damn, that's brutal. What do you do?

    Her: Manager, XY store

    Me: Wow, manager, that's pretty admirable. I had a friend who managed a similar store in Z City. He said the work was long, but he enjoyed it. Do you like your work?

    Her: Eh nope. It has it's perks, but some days the hrs kill me.

    Me: Well, you seem like the type of girl who doesn't let work get in the way of fun. That's cool.

    Me: Hey Dorkbutt, this Sunday, we should meet up for lunch. I know of a great pizza joint. Meet me at 12:36.

    Her: Lol 12:36. I'm always late! But I can't on Sun cuz I'm working.

    Me: In that case, we better make it 6:02... What day are you off then?

    Her: I'll officially know on Sat.

    Me: Ok, cool.

    Her: It's hard to go to lunch dude. I usually hang out with friends after 8.

    Me: You been to ABC place recently?

    Her: Not since Halloween.

    Me: Damn, well wee need to back. Sat. night. About 9:31.

    Her: (2 hrs later) Lolololol

    Ok, that was long. Where I stand Is I don't know where to go from here. Again, I'm in the noob stage. Not looking to go oneitis here, I just want to learn as much as I can from this opportunity. If it works then great. If not, then ok, too. Good, bad, or indifferent, what are ya'll's thoughts?

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    Default Re: Need help on how to proceed

    Comfort building stage, eh? You don't seem to have been through the attraction phase, so I guess her rejection means exactly it. She's not attracted to you.

    When she rejects you one time and doesn't offer an alternative date, it means she's not attracted. Don't keep pushing.

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    Default Re: Need help on how to proceed

    Ehh she might actually be busy though. Lenric is right when he says you need to build attraction now. Text game is good though just try not to stress out when you don't get the reaction you want from her. Pick up is always going to be a work in progress.
    You lose some you win some, learn from your mistakes and get better!

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