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    Exclamation How to bring back the "spark"

    Hey guys haven't been on in a while, life just keeps getting busier and busier. hoping to get some help with getting the spark back in my relationship.

    basically i started dating this girl in September. we had been seeing each other basically non stop before that. lots of sex and spending time together. after we decided to date i noticed that she stopped having sex with me as often. at first i figured it was because we bought had classes again. but we still spent just as much time together only this time she didn't want to have sex as much as before. ive called her out on it but not much has changed much. if anything its gotten worse, like going weeks with out having sex worse. idk what to do, i like this girl a lot, i stayed with her at her parents for thanksgiving break and i even introduced her to my mom on Saturday. i would like to keep dating her but i would like to hear what you guys would do in this situation, would you break up with her or not? everything except for this one thing is good between us and i wouldn't want to lose something good, because of this, at least not with out trying to find a solution first.

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    Default Re: How to bring back the "spark"

    First of all you should be following this rule: You are the one to withhold sex!

    If you withhold sex you have the power. The last three relationships I've had I've wanted less sex then the woman. This gave me power.

    Women want sex more then men. If you are giving them amazing sex they will be horny whenever they are around you! There's something wrong in your relationship. I would guess that you're not giving her what she needs sexually. You should PM me and I can coach you further on what you need to do in bed. Cheers!

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