hey guys,
2 weeks ago, on the way back home I n-closed a swidish girl. that was a 2 set, bit tipsy on the way back from a party, opened them on the tube station. I did pretty well, she was really hard to get but i got her by some NLP routines and stuff. She was really into it. We said goodbye in front of my house, i said that they could come in for a drink but not for too long, but they didn t come in. Anyways, 10 min after I texted her pretending that I'm texting someone else, saying something like :

"Hey Andy, I ve just met this crazy hyper active swidish girl... but i m not quite sure about her. You recon I should date her?" ( this stuff is a killer and i ve lernt it from guys at Sarge School in London )

She texted me back, i teased her for a little bit, and left it.

2 days ago she calls me at 11.45pm. I didn t pick up a phone. Didn t see it. I texted her day after saying:

Me:"guess you walked be my place last night and really wanted to say hi!"
HB8:"how did you know?.lol"
HB8"Like a female intuition?. lol"
Me"whatever it is it works "
HB8:"just make sure you pick up your phone tonight.lol"
Me:"just make sure you don t walk home too early coz i got plans for tonight"
HB8:"What s your house number, so i will knock to your door.lol"
Me I send her a house number )

She never came by... So nxt day I texted her:
ME:"Did you knock to my door last night... Shame I wasn't there. I can make it up to you tho"
HB8: I didn t knock to your door, I got home at 5.30. Maybe 2nite. lol"
Me:"I ll be home 1.30"

That s it. It s 2, and to make it clear i m not expecting her to come. Question is what should I do with it ?? And she keeps adding that fucking "lol" to each massage.

Anyways, anybody has some advise how should I deal with it to get something out of it ?