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    Default messaging on tinder

    Been having trouble with women on tinder. Obviously you can't message them until its a mutual "like". When I do get mutual likes, what kind of initial message should I send to her? I've tried just sending a simple opener and have also sent openers that get straight to the point. I've had like 2 girls respond out of about 10.

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    Default Re: messaging on tinder

    I also find tinder girls quite hard work! I get lot's of matches and I can often get into a conversation with the girls most of the time, often exchange a few messages and then they go quiet on me and disappear.

    I think it's definitely a numbers game and more than likely when you match her she has probably matched five or six guys (maybe more) that day! So I think you gotta give yourself an advantage by portraying a fun personality - I try to think that I am not taking this too seriously and try to portray that I don't need to refer to online dating as my only means to meet women -

    It's weird cause I try to keep everything light and fun i try not to take it too serious - the first message I often send is about something in their photo's that I notice or maybe something in their tag line or something completely random like:

    "hmmmm.......I love listening to a random couple argue in public....something about finding a flyer for strip bar in his wallet..this is gonna be awesome!!"

    I NEVER mention anything about the way she looks so I never compliment her - I am guessing she already knows that I am attracted to her hence the match - so my aim is to try and display my personality - make her laugh and have a fun interaction.

    Also I put something funny in my tagline which has enabled girls to open me on a few occasions.

    I think the idea is to try and have a fun interaction then get her away from tinder by getting her number before she flakes then try to get her texting and then get her on the phone.

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    Default Re: messaging on tinder

    There is a strategy to tinder. The idea is swipe right on everyone to find which girls select you, and then be selective on who you talk to. That being said, I noticed a lot of girls doing the same thing these days, so a girl that might have matched may not have been interested from the start and just looking to see who matched them.

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