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Thread: She's into me but can't be with me?

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    Default She's into me but can't be with me?

    So I've been seeing a girl at work for 3 weeks now. We've kind of known each other as acquaintances for about 4 months. Her friend asked her if she thought about dating me and her reply was yes. I told her friend that I was totally down to try as this girl was stunning. So we started flirting over thanksgiving break and I started getting good morning texts from this girl every morning. So after holiday break, I asked her to our first date and she said yes! it was absolutely great! - also followed by 4 other dates since then! So on our second date I learned that her ex boyfriend of 2 years broke her finger and slammed her into a wall. awful. But I started holding her outside when she was cold. People around the office noticed and knew we were a thing and we both had no problem in denying it. Well a Couple of weeks ago her friend told me that before we started talking, she was talking to another guy. I took this up with her and she was completely honest with me, she said, "Yes I am talking to another guy. It's not serious, I promise..." and I was not totally okay with it but I went with it. So a couple of weeks went by and I was getting, "good morning handsome" and messages like that every morning. But our last date a couple of days ago I tried to kiss her and she smiled and turned away and grabbed my face and told me sweetly, “Not yet” with a smile. (That threw me off) Anyway, tonight I had to ask her, "Do you see anything with us in the future" and her response was "I do. I like you a lot. But I can't commit myself into something serious yet. I'm still recoperating. I'm hurt. But that doesn’t mean no… I just need time. I can’t jump into anything serious right now.” I told her, “Listen darling. I need you to be completely honest with me and real. i’m not going to yell at you and i’m not going to be angry.” her reply was, “I mean everything. I do like you. I just need time. I don’t want anything to change with me and you, I just can’t dive into anything serious right now.” and I understood. Now I’m feeling friend zoned and confused. If she was into me this much why not be with me?

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    Default Re: She's into me but can't be with me?

    from what I counted you went on 6 dates and haven't even kissed her??? let alone farked her.... no wonder some other guy is satisfying her sexual needs and she isn't "ready" for a serious relationship.

    listen bud, contrary to popular belief, the best way to get a girl to commit to you is to give her mind blowing orgasms. all these "dates" are just building unnecessary extra comfort.

    if you go on another date, have dinner at your place and don't be afraid to escalate. if she won't kiss you, tell her "I'm not immortal, are you going to kiss me or not" (if she doesn't kiss you dump her)(you two aren't dating if she won't kiss you)

    the lesson to be learned from this painful example is:

    women love sex. they expect you to pursue it, and they expect you to do it.

    had you farked her on your first date, you wouldn't be having this problem.

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    Default Re: She's into me but can't be with me?

    Just out of curiosity ..... did you pay for all six dates !?!?!?!

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    Default Re: She's into me but can't be with me?

    You're coming off as jealous, needy & desperate

    Why bring up the question of whether or not she was talking to another guy BEFORE you two started anything?

    You're also pushing her to answer questions about a future together? Women don't like feeling suffocated which is probably how she feels.

    In the words of Paul McCartney, "Let it be".
    Don't force anything along.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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