Forgot my to upload day 4 on here. ( delete all my text every night to start off a brand new slate in the morning. Anyway today is Saturday which is suppose to be my transition to seduction.

Me:Morning.(8:01 am)
Her:I didn't ever see your text message lol (7:17 pm)
Her: good afternoon ( 7:17 pm)
Me: yeah yeah, anyways I just got off work walking home in this frosty weather. What are you doing? (7:26 pm)

She didn't reply... I'm starting to notice a pattern, she is always dropping the text when we text. Either she ignores it or doesn't get it or she sends it and my phone doesn't get it. Now I'm out of the whole Fluff talking stage and tomorrow I'll be seducing and seducing only.

Ps. For me seducing over text is hard because you can't change your voice tone or modify your body language so if anyone has any text suggestions when it comes to seducing over texting then I would appreciate it.

(Two more days until my experiment ends)