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    Default How do I maintain attraction?

    Sup people,

    Need some quick advice. Little back-story about myself; I've known about pickup and seduction for quite some time now and have fairly good success. I had a great LTR which lasted 3.5 years, she broke up with me, I felt like shit for long time and I found my manhood again.

    Since then its been close to 3 months since breakup and I have had great success (better then ever) with women. Now to the nitty gritty.

    I met a girl a couple months back after my breakup and found her instantly attractive. We had mutual friends, so we went out one night, I was pretty drunk and played aloof and needless to say nothing happened. After some time passed I said screw it, and reached out this this HB on Facebook and got her phone number.

    We made small talk here and there (my dumbass mistake ) but realized it wasn't going anywhere so I asked her out and she was excited and agreed. I led the entire time, told her when and where we going. Date was awesome, however I got a Kiss close (no makeout), and she was eager to see me again and text-ed me immediately after the date. Since then its been about a week and we've been texting on and off, and I have to say from her texts (I know not to look to into texts) shes very interested, making sexual suggestive comments and even said I could come over at one point ( I declined and was out with my guy friends at the time).

    Now I may or may not have oneitis, I do think about this girl a lot, find her incredibly sexy, and get along with her fairly well and we connected. She even mentioned to a couple of my friends how much she had fun and can't wait to see me again. Now past couple days she kinda went cold, not being as responsive and what not (probably because we've been engaging in small talk, and I haven't set up a Day2)

    I am hooking up and talking to other girls, so the advice of FTOW won't really work for me lol. So my question is how to pursue matters at this point. I am really asking because I want outside opinions on what to do, since I might be a little clouded and over-thinking whether shes interested, playing hard to get, or just is flirt/tease.

    For the sake of making this post short and to the point, I'll answer any further questions you guys have, but any advice would help.

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    Default Re: How do I maintain attraction?

    How to maintain attraction: FLIRT.
    Don't stop flirting.

    Lose the Fluff talk & start teasing/bantering/razzing.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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