I get asked many times, how to know if a girl likes you. There are many signs you need to look out for. Be sure to examine her body language. If the girls likes you, you may see that she will lean towards you. Notice the girls eye contact. If she really likes you, she will try to catch your eye and maintain eye contact. This can be uncomfortable if you donít like her. Her pupils may dilate if she likes you, but this can be hard to pick up on, and you might come across as weird if you are always looking closely into the girls eyes.

Here are some other signs that a girl really likes you
* If she trys to talk to you every chance she gets,
* If shes laughs or smiles at everything you say,
* If she reacts differently to you than other guys
* If he seems to always want to be around you
* If she touches you a lot
* If you catch her looking at you
* If you flirt with a friend of hers when she is around, and she looks jealous
* If he asks about you to your friends when youíre not around
* If she buys you a drink when you are out