Hey fellas my girlfriend and i broke up in early December. I was really hurt by it cause i truly had feelings for her, and no not onitis. I did what most people here would say not to do, i sent her a long text explaining my feelings and told her i didnt want to break up. long story short i got way to emotional. but after i went NC for a few weeks and she texted me again, which i thought MAYBE was her way of reaching back out to me but i was wronge and i told her that i wasnt ready to continue a dialoge with her yet cause i still felt to much for her.

Anyways here we are a month later, im talking to many other girls and ive even farked another girl in that time. but she texted me again of a meme for one of my favorite anime. and once again its left me confused to her motive. im continuing NC until i get solid evidence she wants to get back together but id like some advice if anyone has any.

I still have feelings for her and if she asked me if we could get back together i really would say yes. if you need more info id be happy to go deeper into what happened.

Cheers fellas!