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    Default How to respond to the flake than out of the blue text?

    I met this girl at a meetup event about 3 months ago where we talked briefly. Not long enough to exchange numbers but I started messaging her through meetup and eventually got her number. She always took a long time to reply.

    Granted I was busy too, with traveling, holidays etc but I've been trying to get her to go on a date, she seems to always be busy - she actually suggested lunch during the work day since we work near each other but I do not like lunch dates, especially during work.

    Out of the blue she will text me and we will have a couple of back and forths but then she will stop texting. I will also try to ask her out via text and again she says busy or she just acts like I never asked her out and continues on.... so the last text was 6 days ago, when she just stopped replying around 9:30pm. Today she texts me out of the blue "Hey Scott" thats all - I have not replied - not sure what to reply as I feel it is going nowhere. I do want to go out with this girl. Any suggestions, clever replies would be appreciated.... note - I wanted to use the "Hey, we should hang out soon…I’m starting to forget what you look like.” but I feel it will come off as needy since I have tried so hard to get her to go out....

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    Default Re: How to respond to the flake than out of the blue text?

    So let me ask you Scott you spoke to her briefly face to face and the majority of your interactions have been via text???? So have your texts been fun and flirty or routine and mundane, Have you built attraction with your texts because without attraction it will be difficult getting a date. I would definitely take her up on the lunch because getting face to face with her so you can be fun and flirty, is a good thing .... as for her latest text I would respond "Hey (her name)" and see where she goes with it

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