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    Default Friend likes me Mid Text Game hook up help $ for best reply

    This girl iv'e been texting ( Been friends for a year now ) is starting to show apparent signs she likes me, she told me earlier but I said she was joking. We've seen each others naked bodies through Imessage, and she knows I'm bigger then average. I really think she likes me she play's soccer for the school team, and she sent me a message (She hit me up first, saying how she loves me and how perfect I am), "How you know you never saw me " I sent her a message about killing the soccerball and doing good. Its been about 30 minutes since I replied. My question is where to go really sexually from this some good Kino things, but noting to aggressive, I actually care for her.

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    Default Re: Friend likes me Mid Text Game hook up help $ for best reply

    calibration. By that I mean since you guys have been friends fora year you should know how she reacts and what gets her going. Don't just jump to being all sexual if you don't know how she'll react to it. Now while you're touching her you have to be flirtatious and do some push/pull. Like you're touching her and state "wow, you must be enjoying this way too much. Your hands are getting so hard.That's so adorable." sometimes just teasing could lead to sexual escalation. It doesn't always have to be directly going for her boobs. Always test the water too before you advance further.
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