OK...The girl I have wanted to score with more than the other couple I am texting: So far after a bit of chit chat over the last 10 or so days I havent been able to sort out a meeting.

#1 potential meeting: She messaged me on facebook to say she was out but idiot here got drunk and forgot to check his inbox...I know, maybe not a bad choice in the long run.

#2 potential meeting: She was sposed to be out and we were going to sort out a drink but the day before her grandpa died and the day of the meeting she was told the store she works for was closing - these are solid excuses btw verified.

So anyway, to the facebook messages:

ME: The sweeties might do but these papers won't do shit! Never seen that yknow. If you fancy a beer next week I'm game, bit of laughter after a shitty weekend.

QT: Does it actually taste like liquorice? Yeah I'll probably go out next weekend now instead, I would have felt too guilty if I went out last night!

ME: Fairly yeah. I'm out Friday next weekend for The abcdefg gig you should come

Power gap from Sunday till today...

QT: I think I'm out on Saturday yknow gotta save my money with the whole job thing. I'm sure you'll be out on Saturday too though* haha

*I am a bit of a party animal so out most nights on weekends I'm guessing/hoping she means!

I'm not too worried about the gap with her replying to my last message, with probably having a funeral to attend (spanish family they tend to get the ball rolling with that sort of thing pretty quickly traditionally).

A few questions...

A) What's my best response here?

B) When should I respond?

C)If all else fails - should I go out Saturday? I wasn't planning to, I planned to study.

PS. you're welcome to tear the shit out of my messaging there too ha.

Thanks people.