These techniques are very useful from first talking to a girl all the way up until she's your girlfriend. Once she's exclusive with you it's not necessary any longer (at least not in the same extent).

1. Whenever she asks you what you're doing tell her "I'm running errands" or "I just got home from running errands". This is purposely vague. She'll think "errands?? What kind of errands? Was he with another girl?" All of these are very good things! Whenever a woman wonders about you, curiosity and mystery are created. These two things equal attraction.

I don't care if you were watching midget porn all day in your mom’s basement; you tell her "I just walked in the door from running errands". It's not lying, you had to run upstairs to grab more Kleenex and you literally just walked in your bedroom door.

She doesn't need to know all of your boring details. Be as vague as possible and let her mind wonder.

*I must give credit for this "errand" technique to some random article I read on the internet ten years ago. I don't remember who wrote it but I've used it ever since and it's gold. I've even asked girlfriends what they thought about it (long after we were exclusive) and they told me it drove them insane!

2. This technique is very similar to the first. Whenever she asks you what you did yesterday or over the weekend you say I went out with some friends/ or I hung out with a friend. The key word here is friend. Guys always want to say buddies when they hang out with their guy friends. This lets the girl know you were hanging out with a bunch of guys. When you say the word friend she automatically thinks females were present. Again, this is a VERY good thing. Let HER mind fill in the blanks.

3. Don't respond to all of her texts. This one can be tricky because you don't want to overdo it. I don't respond to womens texts all the time. You know how crazy you get when a girl doesn't respond to you? Amplify that five times and that's how crazy a girl gets.

The easiest way to do this is to stop responding when the conversation is basically over. You don't need to end the conversation or tie it up. When the conversation starts to die, don't respond to her last text. It's that simple.

I still do this to my current girlfriend and it drives her insane. She always tells me "you're terrible at texting". She's even told me multiple times that it drives her insane. If you hear this from a girl you're doing a good job!

You have to be careful with this technique. If you overdo it she will think you're not interested. The key is to do it as much as you can but not too much. With experience you will be able to figure out the right amount.

Good ways to not respond are as follows: The conversation is basically over. She responds in a b!tchy way. She gives you attitude. She texts you something random and you don't want to talk nonsense all day. I'll illustrate this last sentence below.

Her: OMG I just saw your twin!
Me: Was he homeless?
Her: Hahaha no! :-)
Me: Then he wasn't my twin. ;-)
Her: LOL you make a good point! :-)
Me: No response

You see how this worked? I had a very brief, fun conversation with her but I didn't reply and ended the conversation. This is what you should be doing at least some of the time. I've gotten to the point where I'm doing it 90 percent of the time because I know WHEN to do it. This technique gets her to wonder about you. She will think things like "Why didn't he respond? Is he busy right now? Is he with another girl? Did I say something that upset him? Is he mad at me? Did I do something wrong?". She will also check her phone to see if it's you every time she gets a text after that! Remember, these are all good things.

If you get a girl to think about you allot she falls in love. That's how love works. She falls in love with you in HER brain, so let her brain do the work!