So I found this opener on a website and considering this girl had an outdoors-y profile, I thought it would make her smile. From that point, we spoke for a few texts and she made it obvious her Valentine's plans weren't going to be fun. I took that as a hint so here's what transpired:

Me: Do you like cutting down trees like a lumberjack? If not, I could seductively come up behind you and teach you how to swing an axe. Full disclosure: I've never cut down a tree before.

Her: Hahah at least I know you've a sense of humor

Me: Especially in the depths of winter under 8 ft of snow. I can't wait to camp and kayak this summer. You do the same I see

Her: I do! I'm a big outdoors girl

Me: Some friends and I go to the Saco River to camp and kayak once a year and it's amazing. Recommend any good spots?

Her: Well I go to the same place in Maine every year but I stay in a small cottage. It's really small though and has no indoor pumbling haha

Me: Well nothing gets me hot and bothered like a girl who lives in a shack with no running water! So classy ;-) haha I roughed it last summer in VT for 10 days but I cheated w/ an air mattress. Still count?

Her: Haha definitely! We have mattresses at the cottage but they're SO old. They're the same ones my moms family used when she was a kid.

Me: Yowch, if this is your way of inviting me to your cabin this summer, it's not looking good!

Her: Haha if you can handle camping you can handle a week in the cottage Regardless of the old furniture and appliances I love going up there. It's my way of decompressing and taking a step back. It's so peaceful and beautiful

Me: I had a similar experience in Vermont. I might live near Boston for a few more years but after, I want 50+ acres and make it a food paradise. That trip had a huge impact on me.

Her: I've never been camping out in Vermont but I bet it was amazing!

Me: Hey Meg sorry, I've been doing homework at the same time as talking to you. You don't seem like a stalker so here's my # XXX-XXX-XXXX. Any crazy plans this weekend? <---- I didn't respond for almost an hour. I know a lot of guys always say to never say sorry but I just read a research article that posted results of women responding way more to that word when a guy says it, so I thought I'd try it out here. She never texted my phone btw, kept messaging on POF).

Her: It's no problem. And oh yes, I am working tomorrow and then I'm going to celebrate Valentine's Day with a pizza and some wine ha ha. Sounds super awesome right?? How about you

Me: Haha like, alone? Nothing just working. I think I topped your plan's awesomeness.

Her: Hahah yup

Her: Pretty awesome, right?

Me: Pretty depressing lmfao

Her: Ugh I know haha

Her: But then an Is again so is working haha

Me: Huh? Didn't get your last text. But a cute lil' lady like yourself shouldn't be so selfish! It's only proper that you share your wine and pizza with a young handsome man like myself ;-)

So what did I do wrong? I realized as I was typing this out that in the last text she meant to say "But then again so is working." I don't want to respond again until she does. Was it my last line that bombed it? I thought it was going pretty well. Was I supposed to push her a bit before I pulled in with the suggestion we hang out? If so, what's a good way to say that?

I honestly have no idea what I did wrong here, other than after reading realizing I could've worded some stuff better. Any and all constructive criticism appreciated. 2015 is going to be different for me so lay it on me. I'm always eager to learn!