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Thread: Classy guy gets a classy girl-online game report

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    Default Classy guy gets a classy girl-online game report

    Now I don't mean I got her like wrapped around my finger you know but I am long gaming her the best I can. If you don't know me my Long Game is Stellar and Hard Talk. Now what I am focusing on this year is my short term game too like SNL, PULLS, and all that so no worries I am not sticking to any one strong suit.

    However the recent turn of events is pretty unusual. I dumped my Ex an HB9 like I said and I thought this was a crazy idea you guys had. But I am finally over her and better prospects have come my way. Yes 10's are starting to fall in my lap. I am talking hotter than hot, rich, successful, super popular like very High Class females. I am gaming them now.

    Last Year I was a Chump
    I had issues last year everyone knows my Oneitis crutch. I talked to an HB9 for 5 months on POF with no response not even one reply! She always checked my stuff even at 5am so I thought she liked me.

    Anyway things have changed drastically. Not only am I getting responses from 9 and 10's online just today I sent a Valentine ecard and made a HB10 with a mansion blush! Like wow. My last GF an HB9 was super broke living out of an apartment with a car that was breaking down and this chick is not only hotter she is more high class and much more successful.

    But that's not all I just disqualified I believe to be an HB9 Cougar Business Owner. I mean she was eating out of the palm of my hand and said I can "pull the wool over her eyes if I wanted to." so I lost interest in her in favor of gaming the HB10. Now today she blushed when I sent her an ecard and this is the second response. I am very scared! This is the best I have ever done and because I do so well with 9's 10's are the ones that keep me on my toes.

    She is keeping me on my toes alright. No idea but she is the kind of "I want to get married, find Mr. Right, Prince Charming". You know the works. So I am kinda playing the bad boy card a bit but also letting her know I have feelings. This is not a lie I really do have feelings for her unlike my Ex.

    This could be the End
    So I doubt I will get very far so I just wanted to celebrate this victory that man what a story! This was THE year of the 10 and already I am kinda worried if things get serious between me and this target since that may be the only way to play it.

    Anyway still in hibernation, Summer hasn't even hit and already I am having to have all my wits about me since this new target is taking everything I got. I am carefully planning each move. Right now the tension is very high she sent me 4 nervous smile emoji's and a smile and she has 5,000 followers. ALL her followers will see this if they are looking in their feed. I thought commenting happy V-Day would be kinda douchy on her wall with all the other guys so I played it lowkey and posted it on my wall. It panned out but I have no idea if she is just being nice. That is my impression though. Either way ANYTIME a girl has been responding (romantically geared convo) it usually means she likes me to some degree. No idea, want to ask her out but feel it is just too soon. Will keep gaming 10's and share the reports as they come.
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    Default Re: Classy guy gets a classy girl-online game report

    Atta boy! It's good to hear that things have been turning around for you. It always makes me happy to hear when the forums have really helped out someone for the better.

    There are two things you should be cautious about though.

    First, don't get too optimistic with this woman. Remember, once you get too cocky or depend on the outcome of the scenario, that's when you screw up. Just continue to go with the flow, and don't cut off conversation with the other girls. God knows if you'll need a fallback.

    Second, even if you do get this girl, DO NOT fall out of the world of PUA. Even in relationships, it's a never-ending struggle of push and pull. Also, you will never know when things fall apart between you two. You could very well end up back in the world of PUA, and the world won't stop spinning when you enter a relationship. Time continues on, and societal standards change. If / when you get dropped back into the ocean, you better be ready to swim.

    Other than that, great work, and can't wait to hear how everything else goes!
    "There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time." - Malcolm X

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