I could chase tail all day long of a 9 or 10 but uggh I think I could chase a Unicorn's tail forever (HB10). In that regard I think you all know my story. Got very very good with 9's and they are like putty in my hands now. For instance my Hairstylist (HB9) always hitting on me and trying to always keep the conversation going. Or my last girlfriend who I insisted I didn't like and even after dumping her after a 3 month relationship still feeling absolutely nothing. She gave it up my last girlfriend way too easy an HB9 I picked up at the Club. She said to me the first night "You can have me anytime you want" and when she was all over me and I was her priority I was set. This died down cuz I felt she was costing me too much money and having no love or lust for her you guys said it was a good idea to put things to an end. Caught up? Good. Started in the game and could barely pull numbers from 6's and 7's now I don't even close them, their value is too low.

Never thought I would say this but here it is Gaming the 10. Yes I am alive. No freaking idea how but again I am just being myself and not hiding anything. So obviously I chase 9's just for sport but 10's are where the REAL fun begins because my inner game and value is so high I cannot find myself happy any other way.

10's Backstory
So yes I am deciding this year is all about the 10's as last year was not the case. Mostly this plan of attack is scheduled for Summer and I am in hibernation however that doesn't mean I am sitting around on my butt. So I been online and opened a 10 on POF and got her to ask about my D!ck and somehow couldn't convert but dayum for barely starting to being open sexually that is a lot of dang progress. My interactions were mostly romantic or platonic but not sexually charged. So I decided at the cusp of last year to start doing that to startling results anyway. So I am learnign two things at once. One be sexually charged and two game 10's. Got it? Good.

Old flames were hitting me up and asking me who the fark am I and me getting shot down. So far I had

Perfect Bod Carmen Electra Look a Like--
HB10 on IG, POF, FB, finally talk to me after 2 years and it was none other than a sh!t test. Still talk to her but this was the one that was the reason I got tatted up and after doing so she finally displayed interest but because I ignored her at the Bar I think it stirred disharmony and therefore I never latched on any attraction still obsessed with her friend. I think if I would have talked to her initially at the Bar things would be different but because there is a lack of interest there from me my neg to her was a bit heartless and her reaction was "You Would Never be my Boyfriend" basically I think she sensed I would only use her not need her. Sad reality that the chick I got tatted for is not the one I want. Still trying to hookup with her to get at her friend.

HB10 Dental Assistant POF--

This lasted a lot longer than I thought. I ACTUALLY liked this one. Mainly cuz she had a great rack. Anyway she was playing hard to get and saying this was classy and all this but I told her I love classy girls. I lost because when she broke out the freaky sex talk I wasn't ready or expecting it so the "classy girl" was calling me her lovey and snookums after being a total snot and then talking dirty which was fine but the main contention was she was not a drinker so I think my interest was gone at that point and I was being a bit fake so no wonder I got blocked.

HB10 Cocktail Waitress

Okay I am bit confused and don't know really what to say in my defense. I mean we hit it off great. I have known the Cocktail Waitress for two years and talk to her often but she gets pissy a lot online when I message (mainly cuz she never forgave the drunken FB message) and therefore lowered my value but still said she loved me in person? So I went to the Club the past weekend and had the Bouncer tell me to cool it bud or you are gonna get banned for a while. Man what a shocker. My crime? I took a picture of her. WoW! Such a crime. Didn't grab her ass, ask her to hookup, or try to get her number. Even more confusing she added me on IG after ratting me out. WTF kind of games. I feel like dog crap. But then after an extreme low comes....

HB10 POF, FB, IG Unicorn IG--
This is why I got on tonight. To talk about my new bae! Man she is the f'in bomb. Not only is she rich she is hotter than hell and her words are like dynamite! So like I said I play the Game as a charmer, hopeless romantic, going for the sexual stuff like I said. Anyway I have been talking to this chick for a while. She is a HB10 with a Mansion. We have a bit of history. I first found her on POF and got blown out hard. She even changed her "title" in reaction to my "arm candy" comment. I am not anyone's arm candy she said be careful how you play your cards when you hold a Queen. Okay whatever got blocked on POF.

Found her on FB and she blocked me there too. So small world remember HB10 #1? The one I got "tatted for" well I was on her IG page and ran into the Unicorn from POF by accident seeing her on my target's page commenting.

So I just followed her but didn't really do anything until....just now. When I am HB10 hungry.

Yeah that's right hungry. I am coming hungry, anyway.

Start talking. Now granted my IG says "Pick Up Artist" all over it among other things plus a link to my Pick Up Blog is on my IG page. So I was like OH FUDGE when she started responded to me so I was tempted to retreat and hide it but then I realized I always do that crap. Trying to hide certain things when a "gamewinner comes around" not this time I left it all there.

Here's the crazy part. I actually have feelings for her! When you get to where I am approaching like crazy and dating sub-par chicks it is hard to have feelings for anything less than a 10 and dang near impossible!

So my last GF was a 9 and never felt even an inkling to even want to bang her. Many chances just no drive she was just too easy always throwing it in my face.

So anyway this Unicorn 10 holy crap she is hot. But I been watching Seductive Instinct on about how to take hold of her mind to get her body. So that is what I am doing with her.

Saying some ridiculous stuff I mean it is ludicrous! Absolutely outrageous! But again I don't feel many things with 9's so I have small feelings like oh you are a Blue Sky oh you are too. So with the 10 I've been saying she is my empress and that she is the ruler of my sky and makes my heart sore like an eagle and sh!t I mean really powerful stuff. I would never say this to a 9 eating out of my hand!

But with a 10....

Sh!t gets real.

Her IG feed...5,000 Followers most of them dudes trying to get with her.
She is rich and lives in a Mansion...
She is hot as hell....
Proclaiming Church Girl (but drinks haha)...
Says she will NOT hookup (from her POF days says she wants her soulmate and crap)

For instance she posted a pic of her Mansion and dudes were like in pieces. But here's an example just the other day she posted something about going to Fifty Shades of Grey (something hot chick is into) and just a pic of her in a dress on her way to Fifty Shades of Grey. The comments for instance were mostly from ripped and good looking dudes but some douches

1 Lovey dovey eyes
2 DJ Kisses emoji
3 I'll show you my shades of grey
4 Sheesh (Buff Black Guy/she likes black guys)
5 Jeez love love love emoji Jacked Dude with no shirt
6 bombshell bombshell bombshell 100x's emoji
7 Did you see it? (same buff black dude lol)
8 Call me (another jacked mother fer)
9 You have some creeps on her get a life and a job (jacked black dude)

And on and on. Frankly I didn't say anything because of the guys saying they were all being creepers kinda annoyed me. So she is kinda cream colored looks like J-lo with a better rack but I think it is because she is just tanning like 24/7 cuz some older pics she looked pale like Danish or something.

Anyway so there is all this crap going on and I was trying to figure out how to establish my value. She wrote a post about me freaking out after she liked a photo of mine she said "Relax I am not tryna holla" I knew it was about me cuz I was saying holy crap the Unicorn is after me. So she was talking about me indirectly.

Fast forward to today. Man what a victory!

What happened? I sent her a Valentine ecard and she said "" hard blushing and then a smile. So I was like WTF not expecting that.

So I ignored her cuz it was sudden. Anyway hit her up later after I had been drinking at the Club. So then I sent her a shirtless pic with my tatt plan as a PM and was talking about the usual you know like tatts, her, my thoughts and stuff. Anyway she said "Awesome" so I was like what the hell is going on why does she keep responding to me. So I sent one message each time back to keep being confident.

So then today and I love this part. I stumped her. I mean yes I stumped her!!!

What the triple fudge.

She is in complete confusion about her feelings and needing confirmation from me? Aka qualification. So I put on my IG of a shirtless pic how she was my Valentine and my Bae.

BOOM!! Like magic!

Did she read my blog? Does she know my secret? Did she see my pics of other chicks? Does she know I am a Pick Up Artist? Crap does she know my story!!?

I know my tattoo artist read my blog cuz he brought up Florida and I never told him about Florida but it was in my blog. So when he asked about it I was like WTF how did you know that. Hours later I was like oh it was in there in my blog haha.

Wondering what happened but I think she might have read my blog even though she said she is NOT a lurker I think she is hiding something.

Feelings perhaps? Anyway I was thinking back to my last GF and the main reason that stuck out to me was that I didn't have feelings for her or I would have settled on her a while.

So I just said what came to mind.

Shirtless Pic ME::
talking talking about looking like a male stripper, working out, getting tatted, etc. Then boom My Valentine and my Bae @target

Target:: I was you Valentine?????? And I am your Bae!!!!!!!!!!!??????
I mean huge bold fvcking letters tell me what you want mother fer. I was like dayum what the hell can't ignore her she is demanding. So I did what any man would do I responded within as fast as I could.

ME: I mean yeah it is no mystery. I have feelings for you bae and because I hardly get feelings I like to celebrate them. I am not counting the time there is just some laws I follow such as the law of attraction meaning I have to be myself and be true to my feelings blah blah blah.

Man that calmed her the hell down but I cannot stop but thinking dayum. I follow her IG and all she does is like, like, like. She NEVER comments and barely EVER comments on her her own freaking wall. But sure when I write on my own freaking wall saying I am in love with her calling her my bae she is going nuts asking ME to tell HER how SHE feels what the hell. But yeah I was thinking the other day when talking to the hairstylist and reflecting on Seductive Instinct talking logically to hot women will never create attraction! Only an emotional conversation will create attraction! Meaning there cannot be logic, logic, overthinking, planning. Sometimes you just feel, say what is on your heart and what is in your head. IE you are present to the moment and that is freaking money man.

Anyway I have no idea what just happened just threw out a PING and had to explain myself yet again! But this time to a Unicorn! I mean being drilled by a Unicorn like her mind is dying and dying holy crap this is crazy what next. Any thoughts please share. No Oneitis I am too advanced for that just saying this is a huge step forward and Summer is not even here and HB10's are ALREADY acknowledging me man what a trip.