Hey fellas,

Know this this post is over a year old, but had to add my two cents in to confirming a date I had this evening set through Tinder / text. I read this post over before I sent, just for an inspirational idea before sending out and not sounding "standard and boring".

Since I had started off the initial interaction on Tinder commenting on her crown she was wearing and took to calling her Queen (which she took to quite well, without putting her on a pedestal however), I ran with it:

Me: Hey Queeny, see you at 7:30 tonight. And don't wear blue high heels, unless you want to match.. :P.

Little while later, got her reply..

Her: Be embarrassing to show up wearing the same thing!

Waited some time, and replied..

Me: Would have been embarrassing.... For you!! I rock them heels like a superstar.. Haha. See you at (location)!

I implied that I would be seeing her tonight, and not in the form of a question to sound hopeful she was going.. And made sure to throw in a witty, silly and fun comments to keep her going since she seems to have a good wit to her.

My text game and bravery has become much better in time, and hope this brings some inspiration to someone going through the same writers block. . Best of luck to all.