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    Default Dating chicks from dating websites

    I was only what you guys do when you're dating somebody from a dating website and you're having a really great time with them but yet they're on the website every day as an I - is this an indicator that she's really not that into you ???

    just wondering how you guys handle it ??

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    Default Re: Dating chicks from dating websites

    I hate that sh1t man, drives me crazy. But at the same time, I do it too, whoops. She just wants to know that if things don't work out with you, she'll have some options somewhere. Kind of the catch 22 of online dating, it makes things a hell of a lot easier for you, but it gives her tons of options; and psychologically where there are a ton of options you have a harder time committing to one.

    Get on there yourself. Don't bring it up to her. Chances are she'll see you are doing the same thing and it will drive some doubt into her mind. It wouldn't hurt for you to have a backup plan either. If things workout with chick numero uno you can always just flake or cancel on any other girl. On top of that, she may even be doing what your doing. She may be into as much as you are into her, and she wants to see when the last time you were online was; she's an insecure human too.

    Regardless, keep going back on there until you get some sort of commitment you want. And if you don't want a commitment but just a hole to fark, don't expect her to drop the online profile at all, it's completely one sided.
    You don't need her

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