Hey all - it's been a while!

I pop on and off the forums a lot, contribute some of my advice and experience as a PUA here and there... recently I decided to mix it up and try out some online dating sites. Seemed like a total challenge and all my pals keep telling me that Online sarging is a totally different realm of Pickup, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Boy and I'm stuck! I've studied up on some material from various resources (yes, that includes the stickies in this thread) - and I noticed there's a lot of conflicting information out there on the interwebz. I was hoping one of you guys could give some critiques on my profiles (granted I don't know if you can see them without having accounts, but if I see dudes checking out my profiles, no worries, no homo).

For the sake of not blowing up a wall of text here in the thread, I use Match.com and OKCupid both simultaneously, under the name miliardo18.

I mixed them around a bit, I think that Match.com def. has a lot more HB's than OKc, from what I gather it has more serious women on it that are willing to pay money to find what (think) they want, vs OKC, where any monkey in an orange jumpsuit can jump on.

I send a lot of messages, mainly avoiding canned openers, and on hardly get any replies back on Match, while on OKC, they won't even look at my profile (I assume they read the message).