Hi All,

I'll keep this message short, I have this HB that i've been trying to game for a while we work together I've asked her out a few times but I always asked at the wrong time and she wasnt able to make it due to school.

I've asked her out again to a private fancy event and she came with her friend and I also brought mine, we've started chatting alot she mentioned she bought a dress just for this(would that be good?) my friend was the worst wingman.

Now me and here got on a conversation about how bad he was and the tactics that he used were complete crap, so I came up with a text message game that I want to send her, let me know all your thoughts on it and where it can be improved

----text message below-----
I gave him some personal advice. If we really want to give him a lesson, what would I need to do if I want to hook up with you? Haha ,that way he'll see how to do it first hand.

I want to try this to start being more direct with her