Something about it man and fellow PUA members. Just something about it. Feel like I am starting to hit that sweet spot. Anyways year 3 and already geared up for Summer and still ain't Summer yet. As you will be able to tell...

Last Night's FR
Real quick, as from my last report I am deciding against the Nightclub for Night Game due to high cover (usually 15-25) swapped out for the Bar (free cover) and overall target rich variations. I have noticed a Club Night is almost like clockwork. Best on a Saturday Night and even then no one shows up at 9PM (parking hours usually free after 10) and then people really don't start showing up till 11. once had an adage one time about how "I didn't get started till 11" I followed this pretty liberally since if I did do an open at 10PM I would tell the chicks I am not warmed up yet till after 11 and then come back and of course they would be ready waiting even looking longingly for 11.

So then I had all this Social Proof going in about 4 Hired Guns till I lost it per the previous report. So in stating that long story short I switched to the Bar. So yep went the Bar last night and completely skipped the Club and of course like magic I met someone fanastic. Better than my last GF (an HB9) and she was a 10. She even opened me. I gave her a second and then moved in with a pretty classy opener but it was on the fly. My canned opener for the night was (you might have what I am looking for 10 a total 10) but instead I opened with...

"Getting into trouble tonight??"

Target "Yeah why not?"

I was obviously peppering for the pull but my target got fidgety (figuring a potential exit about to happen I did an N-close) and just like that my target vanished. I wanted to pull but she bounced like mad quick. But either way it was a perfect 5 min set (average set length to get a date). Not to mention it was cold and my first set of the night and before 11pm so obviously I am not going to try hard for the pull until after 12.

Texted her but no response so I put her on hold (my new inner game trick) I got my last GF with the use of the hold which works like a Freeze Out but I used a month hold for my last girlfriend and it worked great. That was only because I had a tattoo scheduled out for about one month.

This time it is one week. So I put her on hold for a week. See how that works it is only according to my own ideas.

So anyway....

The Testament to Greatness
So as I said I started out taking girls to dinner from Nightclubs and now I am switching to taking women on adventures from Bars but that is besides the point. I am kinda glad for this new chapter in my life.

I think I have finally come to terms that I lost it with ALL the Hired Guns from the Club (developed friendships with of them but blew my chances for hooking up)

And embarked on gaming 10's from the Bar. Not only have I never seen a 10 at the Club but the high intensity at the Bar is much more cohesive. Not really gaming Hired Guns a whole lot cuz the struggle is real but my girl from last night says she wants it all (remember I don't trust them)

So I was back on POF and I found myself.

On POF they are talking bout
Prince Charming
Mr. Right
No Hooking Up
Don't Live with Mom & Dad
Have a Job
Have a Car
No F Buddies
Makes me laugh

and blah blah blah but notice that part "No Hooking Up?" I thought this was just how "online women" opposed to in-field women thought differently since in-field they seem more taken with advances and less open online.

But then I decided women are women. So I was just so tired of hearing it. No Hooking Up, No Hooking Up, No Hooking Up on so many hot chick profiles I decided to just be kinda of a dvck and actually worked in my favor? Remember how "Nice Guys Finish Last?" Well watch this.

After the No Hooking Up, No Hooking Up, No Hooking Up I went around saying "I want to, wanna hookup, want to hookup with you. Why don't we, why don't we hookup like soon. Cuz cupid's arrow got me in a stew!!" And surprisingly I got some big mighty advances

I said and I repeat almost verbatim "I want to, wanna hookup, want to hookup with you. Why don't we, why don't we hookup like soon. Cuz cupid's arrow got me in a stew!!"

Kinda change it up for each girl but that's the gist of it. And some girl says "Wow that was....a lot. Clever" Gee wilikers and that result in a 4 message convo.

Well anyway that trumps the No Hooking up thing online cuz I totally nailed it on the head. To some girl "Do you have any gas in that car? Want to hookup, wanna hookup, want to hookup with you. Who are you again? Oh yeah I want to get to know you, yes forever you."

And just flowing with that I kept going and going and she kept sh!ttesting and I kept passing with flying colors because....I was doing what I wanted which is again like I said focusing on the hookup element to game this year and gaming 9's and 10's or more specifically girls I would definitely bang.

Warm up Initialization Sequence Complete. Pre-Summer Inner Game Gauntlet Sequence begin..