Hi, how the title says i have had trouble with facebook texting, I know how facebook texting works and I know how to apply it in its majority also I have never suffer with any girl before.Although with this one girl I had a problem (or I consider it as one) because I really like her, so she's from my school and I know her from an sport trip we did at school like 3 years ago and I talked to her on facebook 3 days ago, she is not in my course so i cant talk to her face to face until i have contact her with things like facebook also she never walks alone in school. I will show you the conversation:

Me: Hi, how are you? (I know we shouldn't use this opener but it has always worked for me)
Her: Hi, good and you?
Me: good, so what are you doing (this continuation also has worked always for me)
Her: ONU and you? (ONU it's an school homework I also had to do, so this is when i start to make connections)
Me: It must be very annoying to do that on a Saturday, hahahah. I'm with some friends. In what committee are you in?
Her: I know hahahah, I'm in _____ and you?
Me: I'm in ________, you should help me with my position paper (position paper its another name for the homework, I think I used some of cocky and funny in here).
Her: hahahah yes obviously hahahah
Me: Why not? hahah, imagine me doing this homework in my last year in school
Her: What? ahahah What does that have to do?
Me: That I should be doing other more interesting things ahahah but that's ok :/ and you keep playing volleyball after we went to _______? (Here I make a connection also)
Her: haha no way. Well, I continuate playing like 1 more year in the team and then stopped, in this moment no.
Me: why? did you injured yourself?
Her: No not at all hahah it's just i didnt want to be in the team anymore .
Me: ahahah just for being rude?

and here it's when the conversation ended, she didnt answer that last message although the message is in unseen but i think she saw it in inbox read it without opening it in order that i wouldnt see that she had read the message, but the question is WHY? I made several connections made her laugh and think the conversation was leading through the right way, the other question is SHOULD I TEXT HER AGAIN? is that i'm not sure because she can think first that I'm desesperate and second she didnt answer I would look crazy texting her back when he ignored the last message (She has entered facebook and be connected this last 3 days again after the conversation but havent seen the message or text me back).

Another detail is that a friend of her's was in love with me like a year a go and told almost all the school that, I dont think that have affected the conversation because at this time her friend must have forget about me, although can that be still a factor?