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    Default Adding on Facebook via Tinder

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section...

    Hi Guys, has anyone thought or done this? im not hugely attractive so I struggle with dating sites and apps especially tinder where its a looks based game but I can, given the chance get a good conversation going once the initial contact has been made.

    I was wondering if its ok to see someone on tinder and then find them on facebook, with it telling u friends in common its very easy to then go and find them.

    wonderd if this is something people do or how would be a good way to then message them "hi I saw you on tinder" without coming across as a stalker or weird although typing that out I can see the answer to my question

    anyone got a good game plan for that and/or a template for a message?

    curious really, as I said earlier I can get a good conversation but tinder is about them swiping right too and I live in a smaller area so I get "no one new in youre area" quiet often

    interested to hear youre thoughts guys

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    Default Re: Adding on Facebook via Tinder

    I gave up on tinder and online dating a long time ago because, like you said, it's a looks based game. Hell, I got ONE meetup. ONCE. I won't say I regret seeing her, because I got some dating experience, but she messaged me on facebook about a month ago and I haven't replied. Nuff said.

    Besides that, I probably wasted around two years dancing around online for dating. I'm 19, that shit is scarce as hell.

    If we were blessed in the looks department, we likely wouldn't even be in this forum. So get out there, make your mistakes, start learning your shit like me, and one day, even if it takes forever, we'll show those bitches what they REALLY want.

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