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    Default Lose the Frame and Lose the Game

    Cannot be overstated.

    Get it
    Have it
    Keep it

    Whether in set, over text, on the phone (my struggle), or other means it is utterly essential that you control the frame.

    Call me barbaric but women tend to follow their instinctive nature. Man dominates the woman and so on. This is why no matter how much money she makes or what she has she wants to know deep within her soul how she feels about me and about how well I can keep control of myself.

    This is a lot like MM's model and while it began in the original creation of man still women act like women and men tend to gravitate in a larger variation of directions. Some men are Alpha, some are Beta, some are leeches, some are parasites, some are cool, some are awesome but the underlying truth is that all men are graded based on their character. No matter how hot she is the judgments and assessments will never cease.

    I was watching the Bachelorette the other night and it played out perfectly in the world of rejection. Human nature doesn't lie. The guy started off ignoring her and openly admitted to not noticing her, she seemed insecure about this (Bachelorette) and the ball was in his court. However he kept talking, and talking about how they were distant, never talked, needed to know if there was anything, and just all around acted like a typical needy guy would act.

    In the end she rejected him.

    There is an important lesson to learn from this aside from watching that show more often.

    The lesson here is that once he found out she liked him (she admitted after he prodded her long enough) she said she felt something till right now. It went something like this.

    Guy: I didn't think we made a connection the guys got more roses than me.
    Guy: I need to know if you want me here.
    Girl: You passion was music, I wanted you here.
    Guy: I need to know if there is a connection, I don't want to waste time.
    Girl: I need to think honestly I felt there was a connection till right now.
    Guy: You go right ahead and think.

    Girl later rejected him. Honestly he worked himself strait to the grave, got all pissed off at himself, and then all worked up. She later rejected him but I feel as though it was inevitable.

    Why did he lose?
    He didn't go in thinking he would win cuz other guys got more roses and needed her to validate him.
    He ruined it himself.

    This is how most relationships end starting out. I have learned to maintain. By not being a overly needy prick.

    When I get a number I can really make things happen. Much more than the churn and burn from the days of old.

    I am off to a hot start but I really need to get out there. The moral of the story is most guys wonder.

    Why didn't she text me back?
    Why didn't she respond?
    Why won't she answer my calls?

    I no longer worry about these things. I toned it down a lot. I haven't talked to the 10's in about 2 weeks and the HB7 we have been talking to today but we have gone days without texting.

    I am trying a thing with the HB7. She tracked me down so maybe the cards are in my favor but to get her to initiate a text I will walk by and smile at her, or look at her, or say hi to her. This gets her all worked up in a fancy and I get a text which usually leads to a convo but even if not I let her do more of the pursuing.

    This is much different than how it used to be. I used to have no Frame Control, 14 texts on the first night and we weren't meant to be together! Hungry for responses. Now I wing it to get them to text me first if the cards are in my favor and I don't worry about the time that passes.

    Sometimes days, seconds, or hours as long as I have FRAME CONTROL everything is all good and when I don't and she doesn't respond I go do something else and forget about her to avoid repeated text after text syndrome.

    By doing this my EX will text me whenever I want instant gratification.
    The HB7 intitiates the chat most times lately.

    The most important thing you can learn from this is that girls don't tolerate (especially really hot ones) guys with poor character.

    This explains the instant blocking, rejection, and things that go awry when you are out of sequence, not congruent or simply being too dang needy.

    For instance when you are in FRAME CONTROL you bring her into your world not about impressing her just a little hehe.

    When you do this you invite on things you are ALREADY DOING (the old Player adage)
    You speak your mind (authenticity)
    You let her do some but preferably most of the pursuing (very Alpha if pulled off correctly)
    You are not needy (she doesn't respond you take it easy, she acts up and you are Mr. Cool)
    Okay to be angry but within self-control and very rarely (most guys let loose on their anger, have no control of it, and this is the issue)
    If you can fuse your anger with humor Very Alpha Mate!

    All in all you cannot expect to come IN to HER WORLD.

    *This is why guys who hoover are down right pathetic as all hell. When I see this it is so dang obvious. I get in an get out normally.
    *Guys who are needy (as in must always get texts back, must know how she feels, needs to do what you say are leeches) I hate when guys act like that. For instance...

    Chode Dude to my GF "So you are going to hang out with Pirate boy all day."

    Anyways many guys want to come into her world by default. Not happening dude unless you play your cards right. Girls want a fantasy not a chode dude muttering out poetry.

    Maintain the frame and you win the game.

    Lose the frame and you start beating yourself up getting mad at yourself, lashing out at her, etc.

    Maintain the frame and you are always okay with yourself. Back off if you are feeling weird but do so nonchalantly to maintain your chill demeanor. Chicks dig a chill dude. Guys not upset by the outstanding roars of the female agenda. She will chew you up and spit you out or lick you like a lollypop that never loses flavor. Your choice. She is like the lion that can change from fierce to ferocious to docile and sweet. It just depends on YOUR FRAME.

    If you lose the frame she will start to pick and pick and pick away at you until you reject yourself or question where you are with her. NEVER QUESTION, ALWAYS ASSUME.
    When you let go of your feelings you can really then embrace your surroundings
    Love is a game that's why I don't worry about it anymore. When you let go of your feelings you find your meaning.

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    Default Re: Lose the Frame and Lose the Game

    If you lose the frame she will start to pick and pick and pick away at you until you reject yourself or question where you are with her. NEVER QUESTION, ALWAYS ASSUME.

    Spot on.

    I just wrote about this topic in another thread. You're completely right.

    MOST guys go into PU with weak frames, and never have improve them. Interestingly enough, it's sometimes all they ever needed.

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