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Thread: Looking for a little feedback

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    Default Looking for a little feedback

    Matched an HB8 on Coffee Meets Bagel. We messaged briefly then she started getting a little strange. Possibly because I was being boringÖ My instinct said to let her go and focus on better prospects, but then I figured I donít have much to lose, so I might as well mess with her a little. Anyway, a really strange conversation commenced. Iíd love some feedback from the community on what I did right and wrongÖ This was pretty much entirely done in RFR

    Her: Hi
    Me: Hey ****, who brews the best beer in town?
    H: Founders, easy
    H: what do you think?
    M: All-day is my goto, but Iím gonna cheat and say Bellís because Two-hearted is just top notchÖ Who makes the best Tacos?
    H: Hmmm Iím not a huge taco fan, but I would say San Jose on division and Hall
    H: Otherwise El granjero on Bridge is my go to
    M: What is your favorite dish?
    H: Dish, Where?
    M: ?? Whatís your favorite food to eat, goofball!
    H: Hahaha
    H: Goofball
    M: Iím gonna go for a bike ride!
    H: Fun
    H: !
    H: My favorite food is sandwhiches
    M: Banana pickle and mayo?
    H: Nom
    H: So whatís your story?
    M: Like tonight? I rode my bike to get ice cream. My date is pissed that Iím texting you so much
    H: Oh, thatís awkward?
    M: Well youíre more fun
    H: Do you have a girlfriend?
    M: No, I have a boyfriend
    M: Do you have a boyfriend?
    H: Nope
    M: You should get one, theyíre great
    H: Not a super ideal thing to be on a thing like this when you have a boyfriend
    H: or a girlfriend
    M: Its all about having fun, right? You like fun, I can tell
    H: I donít like this messaging thing. ***-***-**** if you want to talk

    Transition to text Ė about 20 minutes later
    M: Hey ****, howís your night going? Kevin from Coffee
    H: He to
    H: Heyo
    M: Its too hot out to ride bikes
    H: Agreed
    H: So who is this date?
    M: Who was she?
    H: Who wassss she
    H: Tinder, Bagels? Eharmony? Or, real life?
    M: Some chick
    H: Hm
    M: Theyíre all real, right? I mean she wasnít a robot
    H: Are you a jerk?
    H: Lolz
    M: I guess it depends on who you ask
    H: Was she a girlfiend?
    H: Hmm
    H: So what are you looking for?
    M: If you ask me I know Iím a real sweetheart
    H: Oh yahhhh shore
    M: I just want someone that appreciates my banana pickle and mayo sandwiches
    H: Want
    H: But what is a banana pickle?
    M: it has both
    H: Ew
    M: What, youíve crushed me
    H: hahaha
    M: It goes great with innuendo fries, youíre just going to have to trust me
    H: Iím not understanding this conversation
    M: Why do you think Iím a jerk?
    M: Are you on Eharmony? That place spams the hell out of meÖ
    H: Nope, not on eharmony
    H: Idk, the way you were talking about that girl

    BTW, I totally made that up. I went by myself to get some ice cream. Had no date.

    M: She was getting bratty. Why should I put up with that?
    H: Shouldnít
    M: Exactly. Kinda like one word textsÖ
    M: ****, Pick one. Beiber, Skrillex or Beiber with Skrillex?
    H: What is Skrillex?
    M: check him on youtube?
    H: So why are you on that bagel site?
    H: I had never heard of it til this week
    H: and hey I just noticed your dig on one word texts ha
    M: I want to meet a decent woman. That letís me do naughty things to herÖ
    H: Isnít that what tinder is for?
    M: I will find out tomorrow. My first tinder dateÖ (this is true and it went fantastic, Much thanks to the community!!)
    H: nice
    M: yes hopefully, my one word texting friend
    H: wah wah
    H: two words
    M: If I take you out will you say more than 1 word at a time?
    H: maybe
    M: I would be ok with 1 long moan at a time
    H: Jesus!
    M: You said you werenít religious
    H: nope
    H: But Iím also not looking for a One Night Stand
    H: 10 words
    M: I appreciate that
    M: What gives you the impression that Iím looking for a one night stand?
    H: They way you talk
    M: Well, when you stand mute like youíve been some crazy shit comes out of my phoneÖ.
    M: Tell me about yourself
    H: Huh?
    M: Stop one word texting and work with me
    H: What do you want to know!
    M: What kind of communications do you coordinate?
    H: ******

    We have some mutual interests and friends that we discuss for a bit. Too personal to share

    H: Where do you live?
    M: I move from shelter to shelter
    H: Ha
    M: How about you?
    H: I live near ********, but I just put an offer in on a house in ******
    H: So hopefully moving in july

    Anyway, thereís more, but this is like 4 pages of text so letís stop here. Thoughts?

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    Default Re: Looking for a little feedback

    Dude....ask her out already.... you have laid the groundwork already. The more you talk the more you are going to have room to fuck it all up. I think you're in the clear.

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    Default Re: Looking for a little feedback

    Yeah I agree with Mr. Assertive. It is a lot of back-and-forth but she's definitely interested and the longer you go, the more likely you'll either say something weird or she'll get bored. Strike while the iron is hot! Just make sure it's congruent with the style you've been using. Through the convo you seem pretty chill, lackadaisical and you have some funny quips. Just make a statement about where you're meeting her and what time. I wouldn't even ask her out in question form, just propose it as a statement. Keep us updated!

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