I'm gonna show you how to get inside a woman's head and read her mind. I'll show you tips to uncover what she's really thinking, at all times. And I'll show you how to know her better than she knows herself.

(Plus, I'll show you how to use everything you'll discover today, in order to meet and date the woman or women of your dreams)

I know that sounds like a big claim, so I'm not asking you to believe me right away. I'm simply asking you not to disbelieve me until I prove to you – beyond a shadow of a doubt – exactly how these techniques will transform your dating and sex life.

So let me ask you a question:

Have you ever been talking to a woman and wondered what the hell she's thinking? Women are unpredictable, and reading her body language BARELY reveals her surface emotions... Let alone what she's thinking way back in the depths of her mind.

So it may seem like meeting and dating women requires a lot of guess work, even with the BEST techniques! You have to guess whether she likes compliments or not... You have to guess whether she likes to go out and party or stay in and snuggle... You have to guess what her perfect first date is, and HOPE that you didn't screw it up.

She'll smile and play along, and at the end of the night... Whether you get a first kiss – or come up to her place – depends on whether you guessed right, or WRONG.

Well, what if you could sneak a peek inside her diary, and read her secret thoughts? I know a part of you is saying, “No! I'd never do that!” but just sit back and imagine for a second that you read exactly what kind of compliments she can't get enough of... You read all about her perfect boyfriend (and see if she's a good fit for you – in seconds)... And you read all about her perfect first date.

Which happens to be riding go-karts, not watching a movie!

So when you bring her to the go-kart track, give her the perfect compliment and treat her like her perfect boyfriend... What do you think will happen? Well I'll tell ya, I'd be amazed if your night doesn't end with serious spit swapping. At LEAST!

So the real solution to reading a woman's mind is knowing what she likes... What she dislikes... And knowing how to figure both of those out, within the first few minutes you meet her. Up until now, that's been impossible because women are born liars! She has to be: Otherwise you'd know how deeply she craves sex and how desperate she is for a man to protect her, then bend her over and ravage her in the bedroom.

The good news is: Recent scientific and psychological breakthroughs FINALLY have let us peer inside a woman's most hidden mind – The part of her mind she keeps private for her thoughts about men and dating. Inside this part of her mind are her deepest thoughts, her private desires and things about her that even SHE doesn't want to admit.

And what's even better: These same scientific and psychological “magic men” discovered that her most private thoughts can be seen EASILY in the first few seconds you meet a woman, when you look for a few, key qualities she possesses.

For example: 50% of women love being approached with a compliment. It sends of a “catnip chemical” that makes her crave more, while the other 50% of women are repulsed by compliments, because they feel like cheap whores who are only valuable for their bodies.

The one key difference is whether she Tests or Invests, and when you know this simple distinction, you'll instantly know whether she's a “catnip craver”... or not. And you'll pick her up perfectly, every time. You can read all about this brand-new discovery, here:

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Now that you know this about women, how could you ever go back to regular dating? You'll be playing a hit-or-miss game while wondering what she's thinking... Craving the answers and not knowing them. Worst of all – You know there's help out there. So why don't you take advantage of it? Check out these psychological secrets inside the pandora's box study, right now:

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Bill Preston