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    Question Relatively simple Facebook/SMS Dilemma

    Hey guys

    Here's the back story to this whole saga.

    I've liked this girl a while, she goes to various same parties as me and I am good friends with a lot of her friends but I've never really spoken to her (danced with her a bit, idle chit-chat etc.) when yesterday a friend went on my phone and basically destroyed it, commenting weird sh*t on various different Instagram pics and facebook posts which happened to include her profile.

    Anyway, I sent her a quick "sorry for that comment last night, It wasn't me on my account" (It was fairly obvious that it wasn't me) and that has got us talking all through the day on Facebook.

    The last message I got was in the early hours of the morning (0500) as she is going on holiday with a mate. Last night (2100 or so) I suggested we texted as I have no data to Facebook message while I'm out of the house, and obviously it worked as I now have her number.

    My question is, what do I do? I have her number so I could theoretically text her but I don't want to look desperate and it is unlikely she'll reply often if she's on holiday, but I obviously want to maintain interest

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    Default Re: Relatively simple Facebook/SMS Dilemma

    First off why don't you lock your phone so nobody can get on it ?????
    Second, anybody who gets on your phone and does stupid shit on social media is an idiot
    Third, is the mate she is going on holiday with a guy ????
    Last, you don't want to lose momentum but you don't want to be needy loser who texts her everyday while she is away so send her one text half way through her trip saying - HOPE you are having a good time, can't wait until you get back -, of course when she gets home send her a text and try to arrange a meetup but of course give her a day to decompress before you do,

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