Hi guys ,
I met a girl online and we went on first date and it was great and we ended with a big hug and she asked for a second date after 5 days and we went on second dinner date and bowling and she started to kiss me while we were playing and we walked and hold hands and then we kissed again when we said goodbye and I asked her for third date and she said OK.we scheduled after three days and I gave her 2 options my place or hanging out then she responded that it's gonna be quick dinner cuz she had to work ( I've already known that she had work that day) then she called me next day and said let's meet on weekend so we can stay together more and I said OK. On Thursday night we texted and everything was fine and then in Friday night she called me and said that she is sorry but she is not ready for dating!! I told her that I liked her and wanted to see her more but since you are not ready it's not good idea...
Today after 2weeks of our last call I remembered her a lot when I was playing bowling in the same place ,so should I call and tell her that????