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    Lightbulb How do I reply to this?

    Hello guys

    background story: went on holiday last week, met a girl, about a 9 id say. She's from Wales and I'm from England.

    When on holiday she was giving me ioi's galore (hair touching, asking lots about myself, legs rubbing, shoulder touching etc) - on the last night I went for a kiss and she turned the cheek but then looked and me and said please stay in touch.

    we're back home now, she text me the other day asking how i was etc...

    I invited her to visit me where I live for a day trip to the city (she said she likes seeing cities etc)

    She replied with this: " It would be really nice to keep in touch and stay friends, but I did meet someone just before the holiday and I don't know what's going to happen. I'm not saying that means anything because I'm not in a relationship and wanted to see how summer pans out and It was really nice meeting you and like I said i want to stay in touch because we can still be friends but right now, it's only fair if I see how things go atm x "

    how shall I reply? From the holiday it seemed like she likes me but shes obviously holding off as she met this other guy first

    How do you think i should reply??

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    Default Re: How do I reply to this?

    I'm not as experienced as a lot of guys on the forum, but I wouldn't respond at all.

    I mean, it's very, very clear you've been sidelined.

    So go meet other girls. If it's possible, make sure she notices without you actually making a point of it to her.

    She probably shit tested you with the cheek thing. It makes 0 sense for there it to be ioi's galore and then that bullshit LOL. You should've ignored it, but too late for that :\

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