Two steps forward and one step back.

Right after I called in to report a Drunk Driver I got busted two weeks later for the same dang thing. This was after I promised myself I would never do it again due to what I witnessed and Karma slapped me upside the face.

I think it will be alright I can still drive as long as I stay out of trouble.

In other news my text rotation skills are sick!

But the sad thing is I will have to focus on Daygame for now since I cannot afford to drink and drive again so Nightgame is out of the question and paying $200 a night for cab, hotel, drinks, etc is just insane since if it is a burn out night I will have to repeat the following weekend so like $400 a month is just out of control.

So I dunno what I am gonna do about the Nightgame situation since that is my best game and almost got SNL last time which sucks cuz I am so good at it.

But as the story would go now my Daygame is getting out of control too.

Got the hairstylist going, can pull numbers from Amusement Parks now, and just did a number pull from a girl in Church.

As I previously mentioned I don't believe in hitting on girls at Church due to the scarred for life emotional pain I experienced. I became a Pick Up Artist so I wouldn't have to rely on only meeting girls at Church.

But just like Karma slapping me in the face I met someone when....I wasn't trying to meet someone.

The Interaction:
So of course after the DUI I had to go to Church since I was pretty sad about everything and losing my Nightgame privileges. Not that I can't just don't think it is worth it until I am fully recovered. So only Daygame so anyway.

I was sitting by myself (again I don't approach chicks before or after service though I used to) saw a hottie walk in and wanted to go sit by her but I knew that was a weak move.

So I stayed put.

Girl walks in ALONE and sits down about 5 chairs down and looks RIGHT at me and.....smiles. I smile back. And she takes my breath away.

I start breathing heavy. aa kicks in. When AA kicks I have to approach. I don't feel AA for every girl obviously but when I do I have to obey it or I will regret it.

So I think "after the service I will talk to her" after the service I thought logically. But thinking back that would have been dumb. So I slide over and open her. Intiate the chat. Find out she is my kinda of girl hot and high value (ie educated) so I did something for the first time on my Daygame. The instadate!

I never attempted this but wanted to so bad. This was my first time. INSTEAD of N-Closing I asked her out to Lunch. Got shut down but got her number instead.

Maybe she is not my Soulmate but she may still have potential. I texted her the following day and we have been talking for 2 days strait now and she is acting the way I want her to, my way. Granted I have asked her out 3 times and she keeps turning me down but I am keeping an open-mind because if she hasn't rejected me maybe she just needs to get to know me before I take her out.

Dunno but I feel pretty dang good about saying what I want, when I want, and then to have her act the way I anticipate is pretty dang invigorating.

My Text Game with her is
ignore her in the morning,
say what I want
delay my response time
hit her up everyday

And so on.

I have noticed NC and freeze outs really don't HELP my chances so I am being a bit aggressive here and that's okay. Because I put a chick on hold for a month, ignore chicks, text chicks randomly and all those things work but mainly because that's what I want.

Because I want to talk to her everyday that stuff is working right now. She said we can sit next to each other we'll see. No oneitis I still have 5 chicks in my rotation but I ignore all of them, never ask them out because I am so high value now I make them ask me out. So I asked this chick out because I really like her and my intially reaction was because she was so hot she would be boring but she is not boring at all.

Will keep it updated on how my texting game evolves with this chick if it keeps going but in the end texting her everyday until I feel something different. Right now I feel like escalating the getting to know you part so I can get to C1 already. Haven't been in C1 yet this year so I need to get back at it and start going for it. She may be LTR not sure.