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Thread: Super quick disappearance

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    Default Super quick disappearance

    Hey all

    Got a weird sitch I was wondering if I asked a dumb question.

    I met this chick on POF we messaged a few times she shot me her number we spoke on Wed I texted her today here's the convo

    Me :
    Hey XXXX what are you up to today ? My plans for today include: learning to speak French, building an invisibility machine, and hanging with my son I realize I probably won't be able to accomplish all of those, so I'll probably just stick to hanging with my son.


    Haha I went to the gym, trader joes, cleaned my closet and now I'm posting some stuff on eBay.


    Nice! I sell guitars on EBay all the time, what are you selling ?

    Her: just some cloths and shoes


    Cool - I'm on my way to my moms Bday party - have a good one -
    I'm just curious do you like playing games

    NO RESPONCE FROM HER FOR 3 hours then I see she blocked me on POF within a minute of me sending her that last text.


    Hey did you take that the wrong way I didn't mean relationship games !?

    now I know I probably shouldn't of sent that last text but I haven't heard back from her and I'm wondering if me asking her if she play games turned her off I'm really upset because she was really a complete 10 and she's the first time that ever got back to me on POF and I feel like I blew it any advice from anybody ?


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    Default Re: Super quick disappearance

    I am no expert but the fact that you seemed proud that your plans included your moms bday party might have been the turn off. You should have just told her that you are headed to a party and can meet with her later. The fact that she blocked you tells you to move on. Learn from this experience and find an new play thing.

    Plus your last text did send a VERY needy vibe. You are a valuable guy in demand. Never ask for her time or approval. Assume she will give it. If she doesnt...thats ok because 5 more will take her place

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