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    Default Getting Potentially Scary. Advice Needed

    I met this girl in the bar a few weeks ago. Just my type (At the time). While walking out and getting into my friend's car she yells "Bye cutie". We pull up to my place; weird, I have a Facebook friend request and message at 3am. It's from her. The message has her # and she tells me to text her.

    I text her and flirt but ultimately she passes out, whatever, I can invite her out this upcoming weekend to my friend's party. I text her and ask her what she's up to for the weekend, she texts back, I then tell her she should come out with me to the party. No reply. I check Facebook. We aren't friends anymore (could have sworn she added me, was drunk though).

    Desperation sets in and I ultimately text her a few more times. Small talk with her just randomly not texting back. Usually when I bring up going out. I delete her number and forget about her for about a month, but then she sees me at a music venue and texts me a few days later after I post Facebook pictures mentioning that she thought she saw me but wasn't sure.

    We start talking again. This time I don't really care. I don't invite her out, I don't put dumb smileys or Lols ever or haha's. I simply ask if she has heard of a music venue and tell her goodnight. I go to sleep. I received a text while sleeping but now I'm at work. I ignore it. The next day another text. I say fuck it, you've ignored me I'll ignore you. Then another one 3 hours later. Then another one 1 hour later with my name and a question mark. (Happened just now)

    So what's my move here guys? Obviously she has some issues, maybe a recent break up or anxiety when people don't message back or give her attention. I wouldn't mind still trying to take her out though even if the crazy does seem to be showing a bit more. Should I ignore more? Could ignoring her more potentially get her so worked up she does something dumb? The fact that she messaged me at almost 1am just now knowing I work early shows this is bugging her alot. I have a 10 day trip starting in one week. If I make it to that point I won't be able to text her even if I wanted since it's over-seas. Also, the topic wasn't serious, I am surprised she is texting multiple times in regards to an unknown music festival that she could very easily Google about, and probably has already.

    I'm thinking about just saying "I'm sleeping...go to bed". Sidenote: she's a nurse and probably works nights at times.

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    Default Re: Getting Potentially Scary. Advice Needed

    You're just doing to her what she did to you. You know how crazy you got when she didn't respond? Girls get the same way, but it's even worse for them because they're women and they need to know EVERYTHING.

    I wouldn't completely ignore her but keep doing what you're doing to get her to invest more. If you want to hang out with her in the future invite her out to a show you're already going to. Say "I'm going to see (fill in the blank) at this venue. You should join me." If she doesn't go it doesn't matter. Let her tag along to something fun you're going to do. Don't create plans to do something with her. She hasn't deserved that kind of recognition yet.

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