Hey guys,

I am in a situation that I never had before. I am quite confused and I need some insights.Really appreciate some advice.

So, here is the story:

I met this girl roughly 2-3 months ago and we are working in the same company but different division. She is a very independent and sociable person. She has many friends (including guy friends) in various other places but probably not in the place we are living in. She likes having her own personal time. I have gone out with her for like 5-6 times. I don't whether its just me over thinking, but sometimes I feel she is interested in me and yet some other times I feel she just thinks of me like a good freind. She hardly initiated a call or texting like she used to be but so far whenever i asked her out, she would go out with me.

Even though we never hold hands before, she doesn't mind me touching her cheek, waist etc. She even let me massage her on one of the day we went out. She would let me massage her while she lie down on my legs.

So, can any1 enlighten me on what situation am I in right now? Am I on the right track or on the LJBF track?
Should I just ignore her for awhile and see whether she will initiate anything? or should I just tell her that I like her (which I THINK she already knows) and put everything on the table?

Thanks in advance for the help