Granted the scenario is right, your game is tight, the stars are aligned and the mood is right FB game is possible!!

Having all this understanding plus the factors that I am a bit of a bad boy and just got blocked from POF. Now I've been gaming on IG for a while just lost interest...So I am always on FB!!

facebook game:

I'm the kinda person more of an in-field kinda guy and I kill Night Game or even day game but with all this off time due to DUI this past Summer I been regularly on Facebook since I really don't go out an socialize without Alcohol or something in my system ak gaming, partying, sarging. Not a crutch because I love Day Game as in I don't need substance in my system. But picking up Chicks at a Bar I just have to drink!! Hence the DUI conviction but I will be free again next Summer this time always with public transport for bar adventures as I have learned my lesson.

Anyways so spent a lot of time perfecting or trying to perfect my online game so to speak. Mentioned a while back that I got 2 hot chicks lined up for TomorrowWorld 2016. Who invited me last year but I got busted so I had to postpone.

Now my goal this year was taking a chick to TomorrowWorld so I would have accomplished it had I not got busted cuz chicks appeared outta nowhere.

Next year is different. It is all about banging chicks and hooking up. Bar pulls and all that. Anyway so I am not off the Probation till next Summer but I already got my Hairstylist on lock-down, my Ex-GF who pre-agreed to concerts next Summer. And then these TomorrowWorld chicks from another state so I decided they could be potential hookups but because I was having good game on FB I set that up for next year.

Then the IG Mansion Chick in Limbo who still owes me coffee and muffins but whatever it can wait. So...

I have a thing for 10's. As you all know. They are my struggle.

This may be FB game or strait game but I learned something awesome on FB of late to think about.....

My messages are ignored....
My relationship requests put on blast....
My Ex-GF's going psycho when deleted....
My comments usually bypassed.....(not even likes)

BUT I've been changing it up. Like I did with the TomorrowWorld Chicks and saying we would party together friend talked me into going to the festival and won't let it die. His girlfriend invited to 2016 and I accepted the event and will attend with my friend, his GF, and these 2 chicks from another state.


Cinderella Story
No this is not another Cinderella story about me getting Oneitis. But I love 10's!!! So they are my weakness and everything so this is merely my affection.

Anyway so I just went around adding hotties on FB about or so from my area. I even added hotties with BF's (because maybe they're friends are hot??) and they were!!

So I befriended this hot chick with a BF all over the place for the purpose of finding her hot friends and jackpot!!!

Played it lowkey. 0 messages to her inbox so far (playing it safe due to all the ignored inbox messages, trying to get them to MESSAGE ME). Commenting little things, nothing fancy. Like she was cute or okay Cinderella or calling her a rockstar.

My perfect 10 for the record
Gorgeous+Has a house
Gorgeous+Great Career
Gorgeous+Owns business

So my perfect 10 is like a smoking hot lawyer or a smoking hot hairstylist that owns her own shop or a smoking hot chick who is well set and has her own house.

Not some ratchet hoodrat who is living out of a condo no matter how hot. Coming from a poor upbringing with little education those are the biggest turn ons to me is a smoking hot lawyer or something. So this chick on FB is smoking hot and just bought a house. Before she was just smoking hot so not anything special but after she bought I was all in.

Anyway so I've started to game her.

We are talking smoking hot with house!!

Granted yes I am broke but I am loaded with a fancy car, bunch of tattoos, and tons or video games and nice clothes. So my job is to work tons of hours to pour into perfecting my craft of the nicest clothes, the nicest tatts, etc to show up in set as "that the Shnit dude". My being broke doesn't matter. Chicks never dated me for my money so I just take care of myself best I can.

So gaming some hottie with a status symbol (house, etc) is EXTREMELY HARD.

But anyway I sent this new target an invite

Notice the difference there!? I sent my target an invite. Not a message as I did with the countless hotties who blocked me, blasted me, etc. I sent her an invite. Granted it was a little tacky to some rinky dink Music Festival still it is WHAT I'm doing without caring (outcome independence). In a perfect world I would send her an invite to a Beer Festival but f it yolo I did what I did because I cannot hide my feelings.

So out of ALL the hot chicks in my FB I sent 1 invite to HER.

Granted I was just throwing pebbles in the sand by asking a County gal to a EDM event still my friend is making me go and won't stop asking. I know sounds crazy I have two chicks lined up for the 3 some. But still chicks flake and they are outta state. My target is in state locally. Plus my girls are just girls for hooking up not actual targets I can run game on. The

So no message. Two months later. Today I sent an invite no big deal, didn't write her anything. I did it because my friend invited me and I RSVP'd so I figured to invite my target cuz I have been burning with passion with her for a while and wanted to communicate interest subtly without too much drama.

The results from that exploit was pretty astounding. We never talked, she never liked a comment, she never even acknowledged me but again I was commenting, liking, and doing things in the background.

So today I invited her to the event. She never RSVP'd which played out as I predicted, however something happened I didn't anticipate. That's the thing with women. You make a move and sometimes they just have to just have to respond. So I subtly hinted at something and so did she. I've seen this behavior on FB before with my EX-GF before on FB

the whole...

I'm talking about YOU on Facebook without really talking about you directly on MY WALL. Because I can just deny it's about you at anytime.

So my ex-gf did that a lot talking about some blue-eyed stranger when we met, then falling in love before we broke up. Till finally I got rid of her. She was a hoodrat living out of her sister's condo so obviously not my kinda girl.

I like high value chicks that are smoking hot.

Anyways I have been against Facebook for gaming for a verrry long time but after the TomorrowWorld incident for future potential lays. I figured what the hey.

So she posts the whole indirect I'm talking to you but not about you.....

Now remember me and her no contact since getting added two months ago. Then poof today I sent he ran invite!! I know her behvaiors. I study this stuff. I study behaviors. She is not like this. She doesn't post cryptic stuff like EVER.

She said:::From a Smoking Hot Chick with House AKA 10

"Don't waste your time on someone who just wants you around for when it fits their needs. #womenpower"

KNEW I was walking into a SH!t storm cuz she tagged two female friends and tagging friends means they get notifications when I post something not just the target. Hence hayday they can gang up on me and go ape shnit.

I sensed she was setting herself to be a b!tch and then blows a kiss in the post just to top it off. The good ole I can liek you or not like you. Women are perfect at this. so if I was douchebag she was locked and ready.

I wanted to say the first thing that came to mind which was "silly boys they never learn, when will they learn they cannot win against the flowerpower #muymacho" It was snazzy and altogether playful. But I foresaw she could go ape. So I spoke from....the heart.

"If I invite you some place you uphold my highest honor. Rather than taking a forgettable trip down memory lane over coffee and muffins if I invite you on a whimsical journey then that's the place most important to me."

And she likes the comment? No drama? She never liked anything again. I think this could be a Cinderella story. Granted my next move is inviting her to a Beer Festival which ain't till next Summer so no one hold onto your hats. This is another slow burn. But still I love how this all played out. She acted exactly how I wanted she gave an emotional response blowing a kiss. Meaning we could one day hookup and it sounds like she is looking for Mr. Right. But at least I said the right thing at the right time. Aside from that my job is done. I layed the smack down and live to fight another day.