Hey guys,

I think there are a few of these threads on here, but I'd like to post one with a few lines a friend and I like to use which work fairly often. I want to leave this open to anybody else to provide input/feedback, as well as favorite lines that you use to progress the conversation and make your texts a little more interesting and different. I even revived a pretty dead conversation last night with a few of these and now should have a hook-up for the next time I come home.

Here's what I've got:

1) "Hey ______! What's your cute butt up to?"
(usually get a reply along the line of "haha, my cute butt is on the couch watching a movie." I'd reply "lucky couch. _________(add more)" in this case)

2) (After they answer #1 with a boring answer) "Really! I was sure you would say arm wrestling a cougar or base jumping off a skyscraper!" (Anything silly and out there will work for this)

3) "So, when are we eloping?" (I like this one a lot because very easily leads into a hypothetical conversation where you talk about running away together. Basically, take it in any direction and it will make her think about you more sexually through a fun, non-serious scenario which you both concocted.)
Point: Make sure you give her options picking out the details so that she feels as if SHE is the one coming up with this whole scene about YOU.
i.e. You: "So I'm thinking either Jamaica or Switzerland. On the one side there's you in a bikini but on the other a super romantic log cabin getaway. Hmm this is tough, what do you think?"

You can take this one as far as you like, but don't go too far as to let the excitement fizzle out and the chat turn boring. After a few exchanges of ideas, you should have it escalated to the point where you can say something like: "We will have to meet up soon so we can plan this getaway " and from there's you're in for meeting up.

4) "So I had this crazy dream about the two of us last night...." Cliffhangers are great to use every now and then when you need to regain her interest as it makes her wonder what the story could be. Just make sure you have a good explanation or texts like this can also hurt you.
i.e.: "We were skiing together up in the Swiss Alps when a bad blizzard hit and we spent the next three days cuddling for warmth in a snow cave I dug out until the storm passed." (She will imagine the two of you alone together)

5) "Hey, one of my friends just told me that blondes do it better but I'm not sure I believe (him/her). What do you think?" (If she's blonde, you can change it to brunette if you like to get her to dispute the contrast)

So this is just a first go at the list. Let me know what you guys think. Try these out and let me know how they work as well as what lines you use. I will hopefully have more soon once I have some time to sit down and put some more work into this. Thanks!