I got involved in the PUA about a year ago but actively only a couple of months ago. I don't have too much trouble when it comes to RL approaches and gaming, I don't have a lot of success but I'm still learning. But when it comes to online game, I'm like a mentally challenged kid who doesn't know what to say next or how to tease and those are basics. So here is my newest conversation, please help me. Thanks a lot folks, also critique and advice and everything you can imagine will be helpful is totally welcomed.

[Note]English is not my native language, this transcript is translated to English so it might sound a bit unnatural.

I met this chick in RL and there were ioi's at the beginning but I kind of always fuck things up at texting, take a look:

Me: So you are already sample students huh? :D [About her posting a picture of her and her sister at the uni, we're both freshmen]
Her: You have to do what you have to do :P
Me: Well.. I think you are copying me, really :D
Her: [A phrase for a sarcastic yes which can't be literally translated]
Me: Yeah, yeah I know, so you already started studying?
Her: Well of course we did, that's why we're here for.
Me: Really only for that, that's what I tell my parents, a little bit of partying never killed anyone :D
Her: Yes, of course :D
Me: So aren't you coming (now I'm referring to our campus since she lives off of it)
Her: I'm currently at a class
Me: Haha, I'm talking about it in general not particularly today
Her: Maybe we'll be there for the weekend, we'll let you know, don't worry
Me: Sure, but it's very irresponsible out of you to hang out at fb while at class :D
Her: It's a boring class bro(now this confused me), you only have to be physically over here.

Me: So you are already way ahead of us, we still haven't reached ---(referring to a famous club from which she posted a pic)
Her: hahahah well why don't you go, we went with some colleagues of ours, **** was there(referring to a singer which sang that night) :D
Me: Well we're not really great fans of his, so did you have a great time?
Her: Well if you aren't... it was great also Any was there :P(referring to a female singer that also sang that night)
Me: Well Any, that's already better, but you know you have to take us there since we don't really know where it is :P
Her: Hahahah well I don't either, they took me(referring to her colleagues). :D
Me: So do you like the night life here?
Her:hahha well yes it's much better than the one in my hometown.
Me: Well it's the same situation with my hometown, but that's why we're here, isn't it hah? :D
Her: We're here to study and then everything else
Me: Those are stories for little children and parents :D
Her: Hahahhaha think like it :P(really couldn't translate it it's a phrase that it's kind of a playful way to say you shut up)
Me: I'm sure of it :P
Her: Well if you're only for that over here, I'm not :P
Me: Everyone says that at the beginning :D
Her: Hahaha okay big brother if you say so :D
Me: Well done, you really know who to listen to :P
Her: Haahha of course I do
Me: I have to go I'm off to play pool with some friends :D
Her: Yeah that's the way and I'm gonna sit here and do my homework :D Bye

And now the third party in which I fucked up, in my defense I was sleepy and I was doing studying something at the same time.

Me: So did you do your assignments :D
Her: Yes I thorn up a hole notebook.
Me: Why so
Her: I made a lot of mistakes, I really don't know this subject, fuck
Me: Yeah it's hard the first week I could barely buy myself pizza, let alone do homework(we study in a different language, neither English nor our native one)
Her: Hahahah well it is what it is, we'll learn it, there is a lot of time
Me: Yeah, time is all we have :D
Her: Hahaha yeah
Me: So aren't you out, or maybe you're preparing for school tomorrow :P
Her: Yeah we're preparing for school, we're kind of broke at the moment to go out
Me: Oh come on how can you complain when you're going out at --- club(referring to the one from the previous convo), I don't even know where that is :P
Her: Well it's better that way, you will only spend a lot of money nothing else
Me: Well good party is pricy
Her: Hahahh yeah
Me: So how are you finding your way, don't you wanna go home
Her: I'll go home for the weekend, I'm kind of used to not being home
Me: Wow the way that you started going, you're going home every weekend, I think that moving here was one of the better decisions I made in my life
Her: Hahahah not really every weekend, my life is a one way street, I neither know where I was or where I will be.
Me: Hahah a true poet, so why do you feel that way?
Her: Well the past 4 years I was at ***(stating another city different from her hometown) and I usually spend my summers in Italy at home I'm pretty rarely :P
Me: A true traveler, did you go to high school there?
Her: Yeah
Me: Well it's not easy at all, who experienced it knows it, when someone says you made up your life it's easy for you the parties and everything, they really don't know how it is to be in a new surrounding all by yourself
Her: Well yeah I've been away ever since I was 15
Me: So what high school did you go to?
Her: She names it
I ask if that high school is in ----- area
Her: Yes, why
Me: No reason
Her: okay :D