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    Default Enough attraction to go for the meet?

    This is one of my oldfriend we stop talking together 2 years ago, and a few days ago I did the I saw your twin opener. So now we have been texting back and forth those last days, I want to go for the meet, I need to know if I`m more on the friend zone or attraction mode.

    Today I opened with

    Me: Hey the intern, you would never guess what happened to me today?
    her: the intern? haha ok what happened?
    Me: I was standing in the bathroom of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft adn Wizardy (I know that she likes Harry Potter) and on the wall it was saying call this number and ask for (her name)
    her: Hmmm! I didn't wrote that!!
    Me: Oh yeah that's weird cuz Myrtle Warren(harry potter character) told me that she saw you, too bad you cant trust ghost
    Her: Expecially those ones who doesn't know how to write :O they are the worst (I didn't really got that one, maybe she was sarcastic and talking about how I write)
    Me: Haha, a slight moment of seriousness now. I just saw your graduation picture, congradulation! The picture looks great with all your family around you
    Her: hahahaha listen I was so emotional! I had never seen my parents together since highschool, they haven't talked to each other for the last 16 years! It was really special!
    Her: And thanks!
    Me: Ohh I get it, and if i'm not mistaken your mother is the one in the middle and im not sure about your dad (the ...(his job)... right?) where exactly he is in the picture?
    Her: Its the gentleman in the suit in my back hahaha and yes the (his job) you remembered lol
    (We went out once, two years ago thats how I know, and it was the last time we saw each other)
    Me: Yes, I remember because: 1. Im a gentleman and he is one aswell 2. Sometimes my level of arrogance gets so high that I consider getting his services
    Her: hhahahahha 1) A gentleman would have never said that he decreased his level of awesomeness to equal the girl's one (She is saying that cuz a week ago I opened with opener of the increase in awesomeness, she ask me if I got higher than yesterday or from the average, I told her that I had alreay surpass the average and that I obviously was higher then yesterday. She went like this Her: haha lol you know its been a while I haven't seen you but the last time I saw you, your level of awesomness was pretty average! thats when I went Me: I'm a gentleman so I had decided to decrease my level of awesomeness to equalize yours, thats where she went Her: I find you pretty arrogant for someone who hasn't seen me for some time! ) 2) You should! But you would probably need the services of .... and not him, unless ...

    Where do you guys think I stand?
    What do you guys say normally when a girl tells you that you are arrogant?
    Finally what should you say when you go for the meet up and you get a ''no''? (you stop texting? or you go ''Ok then I will text you next time I'm free, so we can hangout'')

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    Default Re: Enough attraction to go for the meet?

    I have been called arrogant more than I count and mostly by the girls I took home. When a girl say to me I am arrogant my response is usually :" Yes very and it turn you on clealry "

    Usually I just go silent and give her e funny look.
    Sometime I go :" Thank you "

    Sometiems I go : " Bitch I didn't ask you what you think >" (WAIT for the faggot attacks and OH U abuse woman hahaha)
    The whole idea is that you YOU DON"T GIVE A FUCK what SHE thinks about U. You are above her.

    When I go for a meet up and get a no...Well if the interaction was flowing I go to the advice I gave you before.


    So she suddenly rejects it is usually something on her mind from a small while but you were not aware of it.

    The weakness I see in your game is that you hide your intentions too much. You must show the girl you have a dick and will be have to use it. Also NOT DOING THIS will put you in this position were you come and ask where do I stand with a girl.
    You want to know where you stand? Show some balls and let her know you want her. This means touch her let her feel your masculinity and kiss her.Try to fuck her.


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    Default Re: Enough attraction to go for the meet?

    Being called a name by a girl is never a bad thing (as long as she isn't screaming it into your face as she splashes her beer on you).

    If you don't go for the meet up, will you regret it? I'm gonna guess yes, and thus my answer should be clear.

    What did you do last time? If it was anything fun or challenging, bet her she hasn't gotten any better, then tell her to prove it too you. Otherwise, tell her your itching for a worthy putt putt golf competitor, and put a drink on the line. (Friendly competition is always good for attraction).
    You don't need her

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