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Thread: too far gone :?

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    nothingbutgame101 Guest

    Default too far gone :?

    I Face booked a chick i knew from mid skoo n found out we both going 2 the same community college. Shes a punk rock rehab druggie bitch thats cute though. i chatted with her for a few weeks n then asked her 2 smoke a bowl n she brought a friend. we got a bite to eat n walked around for a couple hours. the next 2 weeks i txted her suggesting we hang out again but didnt make any action to actually suggest a time(bad me bad). evetually the third week I texted her "looks like nice bow smokage weather" and she didnt respond that day so i called it a lost cauze, the next day though she texted me asking if i knew any good movies out, so i pursued and got her to go out to a movie with me, theater was full and I lost my confidence and didint make a move then or after wards when we smoked another bowl and went for a walk full moon. at this point stupid me still didint make a move... dropped her off n this is where it gets fuzzy she says one of two things either "hit me up if you want to kick it again, but not this weekend" or "hit me up if u want to kick it again, like this weekend." I assumed she said the second cuz im not bright and asked if she wanted to see a movie at my place the following day cuz i had netflix n she just ignored me even though she responded to my first text i sent her that morning. the last 3 weeks she just keeps agreeing to do things but wont respond the day im assuming its a lost cause but if any one wants thinks theirs the slimmest possibility I could salvage this situation tell me cuz im fucking desperate n this shit is eating at my confidence like a whore

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    Salaami Guest

    Default Re: too far gone :?

    Approach more women. That will get your confidence back. Dont text this girl much and if you do ever want to get a chance again you're going to need to have more confidence.


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