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    Question Follow up from a small party on favebook

    G'day all,

    Back story below but straight to the question at the very bottom

    Was at a Christmas party the other night for my university social basketball club. It wasn't a big gathering, about 20 or so, maybe a 60-40 male to female split. Anyway, one of the girls bought her bestie, who as it turns out was actually a girl from my graduating class in high school, though we'd never spoken since our school was large and kinda segregated between streams you went down in terms of studies.

    After talking to everyone at the place pretty evenly at the start which I like to do since I'm a friendly guy and get along well with all these people (plus displays good social value), I settled into the 6 person section of the party that she was in. We talked together as a group and then despite the fact that all of us were still around the same table she and I spoke one-on-one for ages while they were talking about something else. I was digging her attitude and focus on her career, and I seemed to hold her attention.

    Eventually the party naturally wound down and she left. Perhaps I could've (should've) asked for her number then and there. She's previously dated successful pro athletes so she's an absolutely stunning girl, maybe that got me nervous. So given the current situation:

    Question: I've since friended her on facebook and want to know if there's an ideal way to approach asking her out?
    I'm thinking about just being straight up saying a more literate version of "it was great chatting to you, we should grab dinner some time (reference particular conversation point about her great appreciation for japanese food and my indifference to it)". A quick approach, that at least gives me clarity of answer. It's unlikely I'd run into her anytime soon to build up a rapport in person.

    Cheers all

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    Default Re: Follow up from a small party on favebook

    facebook game can be difficult, because those girls are hit up by so many guys you can bet on that.

    That being said, if you really had a good interaction the best case would have been obviously get the number, but don't fret about it... you know better for next time.

    Now if you built some rapport, and had a good convo hitting it off, you don't have to have some crazy tactic on facebok. What you said could work for sure. Try to open her on fb with linking something back to your conversation, that way she remembers who you are and is reminded of hitting it off with you.

    Good luck man, and keep us updated.

    Started game in 2012. Professionally coaching for 2+ years. Strong believer in good karma, if you'd like me to give you a call/skype/email for some quick tips please reach out. Happy to help. It's cool if you're weird, I am too. Just don't be super fucking weird alright? learnrealseduction . com

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    Default Re: Follow up from a small party on favebook

    Last time I was on FaceBook, it was all business... I had conversations with girls about what they do for work and how much they made in sales that year... but that's probably because those are the types of groups I joined on FaceBook....

    Oh, and I joined groups full of models... and I would get one response for every 100 messages I sent.... but one of them one time told me that she would fuck me if I flew across the country....

    And one time a girl from India masturbated over the phone for me... Lol....

    But what's that really worth?

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