So the context is this thread:

I got together with G1 in this texting thread [linked], and we were in a relationship for 1.5 years. Used quite a lot of boyfriend destroyers and got her to cheat on her ex-boyfriend. But we live in different countries and it was LDR - we broke up a few months back. I'm guilty of pleading with her for the relationship - a LTR sometimes makes you lose your game - and she was more and more suffocated. She's ignoring me, while I'm moving on with my life.

Have had some luck since then. I move on fast. And about 10 - 20 I fail at a certain attraction phase. Currently involved with a few more I'm trying to attract.

Girl A and I have been texting back and forth. She's in another country, we both study in the same country overseas with schools 30 mins apart. She calls herself a 'villager' because she stays in a rather underdeveloped area of the other country. She thinks I'm hot stuff, but says she's up for fun but not sex. She wonders why I'm not having sex with other girls in my country, calls me 'baby', 'handsome', and flirts openly over text - 'is this how you show your love' after I neg her.

Girl B was a little difficult, so I pulled a Freeze Out, then negged her about her hair colour. She seems more interested now, and we might meet up Tuesday.

Girl C and I do not possess societal parity. She's from an ethnicity that APPEARS (keyword - not implying anything) more desirable than most from where I'm from, imho. We were meant to date before I flew back to my country, but I messed up my flight details. Cancelled the date, apologised, and she talked openly about sex with me. She said '5 minutes is too short'. I was quite needy then, and called her. We chatted for an hour on two occasions over an 8 hour timezone difference. She then calls me her friend. I said I have enough friends. She rages on text, and calls me three times. I was sleeping then. She ignores me for 2 weeks and now she's back. She sent me this text below:

"Hey! It was getting all too messed up and it pissed me off, we don't know each other enough and I don't want to screw it all up without knowing you." Rest of the text is about us meeting up for beer.

Girl D and I were in a r/s briefly, and dated exclusively for a week. But she's to return to her own country, and I'm headed for another for the next 5 months. We argued and broke things off prior to the day of her flight, and I was non-needy by walking away after I asked, "Is this what you really want?" She remained sobbing, and I went back and we made out. But I've been pulling away from the LDR - I've been quite emotionally drained from seeing her every late night last week. We kissed and did stuff without sex. She seems keen on keeping her virginity till marriage, and I respect that. She broke things off with me over text, blocked me after I ignored her for three days. I did not bother replying her, and wonder if she'll ever come back. Big question mark.

Also, my ex came over to my house, drunk, and showed some LMR. I told her to get out. Things have been going downhill since. Ignore or show some love?

I'm not mentioning the other girls because I don't really care about them as much. I'm looking for a long term commitment because while I can play around and maintain this alpha mindset that has rendered my successful in dating thus far, it takes tremendous effort. I need advice generally on the above sentiment, and on what to do with Girls A, B, C and D.