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    Default Help to bounce back from rejection

    I've been messaging a girl on POF for a week or so. The conversation as had its ups and downs, I can't fully snag a witty conversation with her. But she's still the only 9 on there and I always like to meet in person. She sort of rejected me and I wanna regroup, rebuild attraction and try again. Here's the last few:

    Me: Went down town to the flying saucer
    Her: I have never been there but I hate clubs.
    Me: Haha it's a bar. I take you for a dinner and movie kind of girl.
    Her: Or coffee and ice skating haha. I'm not into crowds.
    Me: How about dinner and ice skating, this Saturday (this felt wrong to me but I couldn't think of something smoother, input if you got it)
    Her: Aw, I wish but I have to work that night. Rain check for sure cause ice skating is awesome.

    I need something witty to recover, but I'm stuck, any ideas??
    You don't need her

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    Default Re: Help to bounce back from rejection

    Yeah, she sounds like she's not even focused on you man, but if you absolutely need her, which in truth is just a want, tell her, "Well, tbh, you don't really sound that interested in doing anything that I'm offering, so I'm going to leave you alone for awhile, and if you get the urge to do something or if you're free and have nothing else to do, you know how to get a hold of me sweetheart So, ttyl then??" Booyah, if that doesn't work, I'm sorry, or maybe you could just meet up with her on some different terms and take her out to a bar or dinner and show her the value in why one should like doing such activities. Always a positive side to every scenario. You just have to find it and present it in a way that sells- Mystery

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