You can read the whole complete post here.

For those that don't want to see the full article, I'm simply leaving the three main approaches to sending your opener:

1. The Straightforward Approach: This is meant to be polarizing. You only do this when you have one goal in mind and you only want to talk to someone who wants that as well.

–How to do it: Be specific! If you want to walk on the beach slurping margaritas at 3pm (because that’s when you’re free,) then say it! Don’t have only one picture of yourself and no bio, you want to assure them you’re not a catfish or a psycho. Show them how normal you (even though it might be bs,) have a full-body picture, describe yourself. A bio saying “5’11”, graduate at X, working at Y” is way better than “do you even lift?” Feel free to spam your straight-forward opener by the way, you want to cast a big net on this one.

2. The Passive Approach: I present you, The “Passive Income” of Tinder. Set your bio up, and go play Fallout 4 or workout for the year. Only logon to swipe and to reply to your incoming messages.

–How to do it: Make a statement over a question. A question just sounds weird, “want to Netflix and chill?” They send you, first message, “yes.” Exciting! It’s better to say “I’ve met way too many weirdos.” Open to interpretation and you have more ways to get a response besides yes/no, red/blue. If there’s interest, I can write a more in-depth guide on your bio, but for now, I would say to have points of interest. Make a statement, you’ll get a response aside from the confident “hey.”

3. The Connection Approach: In the Passive Approach, you make your profile so others message you, now we reverse that and you message them on their profile.

–How to do it: Look at their pictures, read their bio, find a point to touch on. Are their eyebrows styled? Where are they in their pictures? You don’t know how ahead of other people you are just by doing that. Ask questions they seem they’ll be interested in. If they have a lot of monuments in their picture, “what made you want to visit X? It looks gorgeous.” You could argue “oh, they have so many people messaging them, why would they take their time replying to that?” Because everyone else is fucking saying “hey”! Not many people take the time, and the people who actually are on Tinder to meet people, will take the time to reply. Everyone likes it when you take a genuine interest in them. Don’t use this as a way to get in their pants, if that’s all you want, read point 1.

I highly suggest you read the full post. Try any of these out for a few days and let me know your results. I'm always looking for thoughts on what else to write on and what you could use the help in, so feel free to get in touch and enjoy the article everyone.